Baby Essentials: 5 Baby Items To Get While You’re Expecting

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Becoming a new mother can be terrifying but very exciting! Carrying a delicate life is truly one of the beautiful things about womanhood. Once the baby is born, you would need to dedicate a couple of months to be a full-time mummy. This would mean you’ll have very little time for anything else. Therefore, while you wait for your bundle of joy, you should start getting the essential items you need. Here are five baby items you should get while you’re expecting.

A crib or a bassinet cradle

Babies need a lot of sleep and a comfortable and safe space to do so. You can choose to get a three-sided crib or a bassinet cradle. It would be best to share a room with your baby in the first six months. Therefore, your decision to get a crib or bassinet would depend on how much bedroom space you have available. Although hand-me-down cribs and bassinet cradles are cost-effective, be sure that they meet the necessary safety recommendations.

Get as many baby clothes

You’ve probably fantasised about the cute little outfits your baby is going to rock. However, the price tags may cause a change to the plan. Your newborn would need a few basics in their first months, so your grandiose outfit ideas can wait (and you have ample time to save to get them). You should get about six onesies, which offer great comfort to your baby. You should also get a couple of infant gowns, sweaters, a cap, pairs of socks, and scratch-proof mittens.

Baby bathing essentials

It is vital to get the essentials you need for your baby’s bath time before they are born. Your newborn would need specially made tubs with a sponge insert or a sloped one with a foam pad inside. Ensure you get terrycloth towels and bath cloths, baby soap, and round tip nail clippers or scissors. You should also get a soft and natural baby hair brush set to soothe and calm your baby during bathtime and after. 


As you wait for your bun to come out of the oven, you should purchase some diapers. Whether cloth or disposable, buy enough diapers to cover between 70-90 changes a week. In addition to the diapers, you should consider getting a changing pad to ensure ease when you’re changing your baby and comfort for your baby. Also, get moistened, alcohol-free wipes, a bucket to dispose of soiled diapers, and cream or ointment for diaper rash. 

Baby medication supply

There are a few baby medicines or health supplies you should have around. For example, a thermometer is one necessity. You would also need a bulb syringe to remove excess mucus from the baby’s nose and mouth to make them less uncomfortable and irritated. However, it is vital to consult a paediatrician for the right kind of medications and ointments you should have in your baby’s medicine cabinet. 


Once you have these items, you can expect the first months of motherhood to be less stressful.