What You Aren’t Told when Pregnant

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Carrying a baby is the most joyous responsibility for most mothers. And while we all know the basics of what to expect when “with child”, there are some things you aren’t told when pregnant. Some are fun, others are exciting, and then there are the very personal and embarrassing.

There are a Lot of Appointments

First, you need to make sure your pregnancy goes well. And that means making appointments with healthcare professionals. Midwives, gynos and your GP are top of the list. And you will see these people a lot. So be prepared for a lot of missed work and take the time to stock up on essentials like nappies, clothes and even breastfeeding tea while you are out. Because you need checkups every 4, 2 and then 1 week for each trimester of your pregnancy journey. 

Everyone is Full of Ideas when Pregnant

Like when you tell everyone you’re getting married, people are full of ideas once they know you are pregnant. And they just love to tell you what you “should” do, typically without knowing just how hard it really is in the first place. One of the most infuriating things you have to look forward to is the dietary advice you will hear, such as how your morning coffee is bad, even though you are drinking decaf. In short, it’s like your body just becomes public property for all to critique.

You Need Comfy and Easy Shoes

The first trimester is the easiest by far. But further along than this, things can become tricky, to say the least. Your bump will begin to get in the way of the simplest tasks. And putting on shoes is one of the most annoying things when you’re pregnant. This alone requires some changes. For instance, think about replacing your usual shoes that have laces with easy slip-on. Fortunately, it’s like Skechers have studied pregnancy with their brand new “Slip-Ins” range.

You Can Say Goodbye to Sleep

It’s well known that a baby will keep you awake. But most people don’t tell you that the sleepless nights begin long before the bundle of joy arrives. Here are common sleep problems to expect:

  • Heartburn at night will keep you waking up and tossing and turning.
  • Your legs will flail about as if they are being controlled by someone else. 
  • Sleep apnea is common and indeed dangerous as your airways are blocked.
  • Sudden changes in hormones can keep you from falling asleep during the night.
  • You might begin snoring heavily because of the pregnancy weight gain.

OTC products with diphenhydramine, such as Benadryl, in the first two trimesters, are safe to use. Reducing stress and improving sleep patterns are recommended in the third trimester.

Your Sex Drive Goes Insane

It is well documented that sex can help kick in labour when you are late giving birth. Of course, it doesn’t always work. But you might notice that the need for some contact greatly increases in the late stages of pregnancy and even a little afterwards. This is recommended for managing your hormone changes and can help alleviate some of the pain, such as non-labour contractions. And, of course, don’t be afraid because it cannot damage the baby in any way.

You Need a Ton of New Bras when Pregnant

It isn’t uncommon for your breasts to get bigger when expecting. So you can expect to increase by at least a cup size. Of course, the bra size could be more if you gain weight, which is also common. But what you may not be told is that regular bras aren’t made to accommodate the shape and structure changes that occur. And you may even need to wear maternity bras. Additionally, you need more than usual because of lactation, and these will cost you a ton.

You Will Become Proud of Your Shape

You can expect many changes during this magical time. There will be weight gain, breast size increases and leaks, and of course, the bump itself. And as horrifying as some of these seem at first, you will gain a much larger appreciation for your body and your changed shape. You will become curvy and love it. And your shape might change from hourglass to pear. But you know what? You won’t care because it’s for the best possible reason, and you will love every part of it.


There’s a lot you will learn about yourself and some surprises when you are pregnant. There’s the usual weight gain. But some things you may not know include seeing medical professionals a lot, severely changed sleep routines, and that you will appreciate some of the body changes.


*This post is written by a third party