Well hello, thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about me. My name is Beky Morris and I am 25 years old currently spending too much money and living in Wiltshire in my first home with my gorgeous Man and our 3 year old Daughter! I started BekyLou.com after many months of not quite knowing what I wanted to do with my life towards the end of summer 2013. I stopped in the Autumn of 2018 and have restarted it in Global Pandemic Lockdown in Summer of 2020 as a new ‘The Body Shop at Home’ Independent Consultant blogging all about the products I sell on my private Facebook Group (which I would love you to join) . At the moment, I’m unsure if it will be more than that or not, but i’m trying to happily co-exist in blogging bliss and being a full time mummy, girlfriend and employee.