Hairstyles that Rock | Festival Hair with House of Fraser

Forget about the Mud and the camping, the wind and the rain and just think about that perfect Music festival just like I did in one of my recent posts ‘The Ideal Festival’ . The Sun would be shining, you would have your favourite festival get-up on and your favourite band would be playing… But what’s your hair doing? For me, one of the tough decisions when it comes to festivals is my hair. What to do with it? What will keep it looking fresh? Do I just ‘bung it up’ like I do for the Gym and hope it lasts the weekend? Of course not! A music festival is one place to show off your style, not just with the fashion but with your lovely locks too. Below are a couple of my fave Festival hair looks and the products I’ve used to achieve them!

I have very long hair and so festival looks can be quite difficult for me but with some dry shampoo, a good de-tangling brush and the lovely Aveda Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray which is available at House Of Fraser, it can become quite easy to tame that mane. I absolutely love this product because for girls with straight hair like me, it helps to enhance a natural wave (I’m sure with naturally curly hair it will do much more wonders). I would use this when my hair was wet before creating my first look, this would then help keep the wave of my plait and give a lovely effect for day 2’s high pony and would help keep the hold of day 3’s messy bun. 

Of Course, for a festival you can take these styles into your own hands and vamp them up with flower crowns, scrunchies and so on! 

Day 1 – The Side Plait / French Plait – Now, I’m not too skilled with my hair, so for me this look is only a side plait, but for this look ideally it would be a french plait to the side of your head. It’s a great look, keeps the majority of your hair out of the way and can look really really pretty with flowers intertwined in it!

Day 2 – The high Pony – I am a massive fan of the high pony, I think it’s a classic look and with some beachy waves can really look great. Pop on a flower crown or a flower hair tie and you’re good to go, festival style!

Day 3 – The Top Knot / Messy Bun – A classic look for when your hair has had enough, spritz in some dry shampoo (My favourite is the Batiste range, available here) pull out a few messy strands and go crazy with a band or two and some bobby pins for extra sturdiness. Spray with the Aveda Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray and you’ve got a rock solid look for your festivals last day!

*I did not use the Aveda Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray when taking these photos (I’d ran out – cry!)

You can pick up Aved Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray in House of Fraser or online at their website here for just £17.50! 

What would your festival hair be?




  1. July 25, 2014 / 10:10 am

    I love the high pony for some reason I cannot nail it- I will keep trying as it looks gorgeous on you xxx

    • July 25, 2014 / 9:15 pm

      Aww thanks hun 🙂 yeah definitely keep going it's such a great style, try tipping your head upside down and gathering it all up that way 🙂 Xx

  2. August 17, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    I dream of having hair as long as yours.