Review | Proactiv Pressed and Loose Powder*

Keeping my skin clear is something that, along with most teenage girls, I am constantly battling with.  I religiously use my 3-step skincare routine morning and night, but those pesky spots still manage to get a look in! Do I cover with concealer and Foundation? Will this clog my pores? There are a million questions that us girls would love answered regarding what is best for our skin and none of the answers would ever be the same when asked to different people. With so many misconceptions surrounding skincare and healthy skin, there’s no wonder that we find it hard to find that ‘perfect’ balance with products and a spot-free face.

‘Wearing makeup to cover my blemishes will just clog my pores even further’ 

The above quote was recently released in a press release from Proactiv where they ‘busted’ the myth. There are some kinds of foundations where there can be a risk of pores clogging, however Proactiv have come up with a brilliant Loose Powder which is both light and yet gets the job done! The ‘Proactiv Solution Sheer Finish Mineral Loose Powder’* is a wonderfully light powder which is talc-free and gives great coverage. I have been using ‘light’ which has been perfect for my skin, it balances my skin tone really well and covers my blemishes and blemish scars without looking too ‘over-done’ like some foundations do. I’ve found that it hasn’t created any dry patches on my skin and also doesn’t cake up when my face gets a little moisture added to it (be this sweat – gross – moisturiser or even rain) – that’s always a great feature of a loose powder. Since using this Mineral loose powder instead of my usual liquid foundation, I’ve definitely noticed my skin has cleared up more, such a bonus and another reason to keep using  mineral powder!

I’ve also been trying the Proactiv Solution Sheer Finish Translucent Pressed Powder*, which I’ve found (on days that I’ve wanted to wear liquid foundation) does wonders at getting rid of any unwanted shine and helps cover blemishes better. It’s a great pressed powder and is easy to dust over the face, like the Mineral Loose Powder, it doesn’t go cakey – always an issue when wearing liquid foundation also. 

Have you ever tried Proactiv products? Would you give these powders a go?

You can pick both up here on the Proactive website for £13.95 each. 




  1. July 27, 2014 / 12:43 pm

    I love this stuff I really need to get some more as my skin is really suffering xxx

  2. July 27, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    This sounds like it could be really good. I'm always wary about wearing powders when my skin is bad because I always thought it would make it worse, so it's interesting to see they've busted that myth.

    S xo.