So…? Scentsational Must-have fragrances*

I just cannot get enough of new perfumes this summer! I’ve been stocking up on all of my faves and am no longer the girl that maybe uses the one her Mum gets her for Christmas every now and again . I am a girl who is in love with her fragrances and I just cannot help buying more and more, so when this lovely little things popped onto my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to give it a sniff. 

I’ve always been a fan of ‘So…?’ scents, growing up I’ve adored their body sprays and always had one in my gym bag at school ready to freshen up with. Hearing that their range was expanding even more was great and with such well priced fragrances in more and more scents, I don’t know where you can really go wrong with these. There literally is a scent for everyone with the So…? fragrances and better yet, each one has a body spray version too. 

I chose the gorgeous ‘So…? Burlesque’ fragrance and was surprised with how nice it smelt, however I did find it a little musky for my complete liking. The fragrance really captures the theme of ‘burlesque’ and definitely smelt sassy and sultry with lovely floral and fruity scents. The top notes of Blackcurrant and the heartiness of the rose really stood out to me and it mixed really well with my skin giving a gorgeous finish. 

Even though this one isn’t completely to my taste with the strong musk that I got from it, I still love the overall smell once it has sunk it to the skin and cannot wait to try some more from the ever expanding range. With prices as great as £5.99 for a 30ml bottle and just £9.9f for 50ml, what isn’t there to love about these?

Will you be giving these a try?
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  1. July 22, 2014 / 10:17 am

    I actually love so, I used to be obsessed when I was younger xxx