Organising my blog with Ohh Deer

One thing I have been terrible at recently (which is actually really unusual for me) has been my organisation and specifically when it comes to my blog. I’ve been leaving my emails to pile up, I’ve been forgetting about products I’ve been sent to review and worst of all, I’ve not been keeping an eye on anything like my stats or my blog growth. It’s been terrible and my inner organisational freak has been having a bit of a mental breakdown. I just let it all get away from me a bit and it took me a while to realise and shake myself up a bit! However, now I have been very generously sent some gorgeous new stationery bits from Ohh Dear I have absolutely no excuse and really need to step up my organisation game! Below are some of my top tips for keeping organised (because I promise you that when I can be bothered, I’m pretty much an organisation Queen).

1 – List. Lists are your best friend when you’re trying to stay organised. I find it so much easier when I jot everything down and can visualise what I need to do. 

2 – Objectives. I’ve been using my new Ohh Dear x Urban Outfitters Marble Daily Journal to set myself daily objectives; they give me something to work towards for each day and make me feel a little bit inadequate if I don’t complete them (I’m kidding here, but objectives do help I me stick to doing certain things each day). This Daily Journal is perfect for listing your objectives as it has sectioned out specific areas for your daily objectives and projects.

3 – Plan your days. Again, my new marble Daily Journal from Ohh Dear is another perfect piece of kit for planning my days out. Down the right hand side of each page there is an area divided into time slots for quickly separating your day into manageable chunks. I always find that planning my day makes me far more productive as I know where I should be with managing my time (which I am honestly rubbish at) and it helps me get more done!

4 – Separate your projects! Something I usually do is try and take everything on at once. It’s the worst habit ever and it always makes me stress out far more than I need to. Making sure that I have separate pages for my different projects, lists or topics is crucial for me otherwise it just confuses me even more! I’ve been using my Ohh Deer Marble Notebook to jot down my ideas in and love that the pages are such a great size, it makes keeping my pages organised so much easier as there’s a lot more room to note stuff down!

5 – Keep notes! I cannot stress to you enough how important I think it is to keep notes! Whenever I have an idea I need to just write it down in a notepad or on my phone as I know that if I don’t I’ll end up beating myself up in the future for not remembering it! I actually have a notebook and a pen next to by bed as I often find that my best ideas come to me at the strangest times and it just means that I’ll never forget them.

6 – Don’t rush things! Another thing that I do sometimes is rush things. If I don’t have a blog post ready for that evening or I’m running late for something and am trying to rush to get something finished before I leave I always end up completing something that really isn’t worth while. I’m always disappointed with the content I create when I rush and so one of my main rules is to not rush anything and to take my time.

7 – Set aside the time. Setting aside the time to do tasks like replying to my emails, taking blog photos or planning posts always makes me less stressed. I always seem to think I can conquer the world and then have the issue of being disappointed when I haven’t managed to complete things. Along with my 3rd tip of planning out your day, making sure that you allocate a realistic amount of time to each task will always make you feel more organised and on top of things.

8 – Don’t take on too much at once. Again, something that I am guilty of. Sometimes the emails I get coming into my inbox can seem too exciting to turn down, but I think that I need to realise that sometimes it’s okay to say “You know what? Actually that’s an amazing idea, but can we do it next week instead?” it leaves me with more time to sort things out, doesn’t leave the PR annoyed or disappointed that I haven’t completed the content in time and also keeps the relationship there for a possible next time collaboration too. After all, I’m not Superwoman and there isn’t 1000 hours in a day.

9 – Schedule, Schedule, Schedule. One thing that has been helping me out recently is scheduling my Tweets and Blog posts. Although it may seem like a basic step to all of you other bloggers out there, it’s one that I’ve never really been bothered to do before. Spending an hour on writing and scheduling Tweets has never appealed to me, but after taking the time on a Sunday evening to do it over the last couple of weeks it’s made me realise how beneficial a task it is. Same goes for writing and scheduling blog posts in advance, it means that I always have content ready and don’t miss an opportunity to post.

10 – Generally keep organised. A bit of a vague one, but keeping organised in the basic sense of the word with files and a diary to keep track of events and deadlines is one of the easiest things I’ve never done before. Ever since I’ve started popping event reminders into my phone and sectioning out my emails into sub-folders on Gmail, my life has become so much easier! It’s definitely something I recommend to all of you!

Thank you so much to Ohh Dear for sending me across these gorgeous bits, they’ve definitely given me some more motivation to keep organised and I love the marble designs! The Daily Journal has been my absolute go-to recently as it’s been the perfect size to carry around with me in my handbag and it’s been so easy to write in as a daily activity. It’s definitely kept me on top of things and I already feel so much calmer when it comes to being organised with my blog! Ohh Deer do so many gorgeous stationary pieces and little greetings cards too which are so cute (Pugtato?!) so make sure you pop across and check them out as they are so inexpensive too! What do you do to keep yourselves organised? Let me know your top tips in the comments.


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*Some of the items in this post were gifted to me for PR purposes*