An Afternoon of Cross Fit with Pink Soda Sport

Of the many amazing events I get invited to, I have to say that the best one by far that I have attended has been the Pink Soda x Cross Fit event in Manchester just over a week ago. I was super excited to get to go along as the brand is one that I’ve been eyeing up for a while and let’s face it, we all know I’m a huge fitness freak! Before we arrived we were actually sent out an outfit of our choice from the Pink Soda Sports Gym Wear collection and I opted for the Space Dye Capri Leggings (which were definitley not capri on me – #shortgirlproblems), the Pink Soda Logo Crop Sports Bra and their Panel Zip through Hoodie. We were very generously gifted these items in advance so that we could actually wear them to the event and give them a thorough testing! I have to say that I’m normally a bit dubious when it comes to fashionable sportswear as it doesn’t usually do that well for high intensity workouts but these pieces have definitely been carefully designed and you can tell that the sportswear properties were at the forefront of their minds when being created.

The event itself was organised really well, the lovely ladies from Pink Soda and JD were so inviting and really nice to just chat too and get along with and a couple of them actually participated in the event too which I absolutely loved! Myself and Eryn (from   Four W’s and a H) were taken to one side for a quick interview before the workout and then we were all taken into the gym at Train in Manchester for a quick overview of the Cross Fit session we were about to do. For me, as an avid fitness junkie I was really excited to get going with the exercises and as soon as we heard that it was a competition between our pairs, Eryn and I got into full combat mode and were ready to thrash everyone else (not that we’re in the slighted competitive). It gave us a much more intense workout and we ended up winning so we were incredibly proud of ourselves!

The workout itself was comprised of three sections with five minute intervals inbetween and my god were they difficult! I’ve written out the workouts we did below for you to see that we really were put through our paces! I have to say that the Pink Soda clothing lasted really well during the workout and I was really impressed with how it felt too. As I mentioned before, I’m used to fashionable fitness gear lasting all of 3 minutes when I’m working out so this was such a lovely surprise. My leggings were super thick and really held me together nicely which is always another bonus; I also didn’t have that awkward moment where my sports bra didn’t quite support me enough and my boobs were strapped down really well. An unsuportive sports bra is normally the make or break with fashion sports brands and I have to say that Pink Soda passed with flying colours. Their kit is great and I throughly enjoy working out in it as it’s just so comfortable!

The Workout (In Pairs):

200m run
Then 2 sets of:
10x 8KG Kettlebell swings (head hight)
10x Burpees (chest to floor)
10x Squat jumps (ass to grass)

One to stand and hold 2x 16kg weights // One to row as fast as they can
Swap every time the weights are put down. Fastest to 150 calories burned between the pair.

(Between the pair, 10 minutes to complete)
60x Squat + 7kg Ball throw (against the wall)
60x 12kg kettlebell swings (chest height)
60x Burpees (chest to floor)

(As many reps as possible, 3 minutes each station)
Straight arm extension above head with 5kg plate
Box Jumps
12kg Kettlebell Upright Row
Rower machine (as many calories burnt as possible)

Honestly I loved the workout so much and it was so fun knowing that it was for a brand event as well as just another exercise class. As you’ve probably gathered by now if you read a lot of my blog posts, I attend a lot of fitness classes so for a blogger event to incorporate something I love anyway, I was well up for it! I’m so impressed with the Pink Soda Sport range and can’t wait to see what new pieces they bring out soon too! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on more, in fact, if I could, I’d easily have the whole collection!

What are your favourite things to do at blogger events? Have you tried out the Pink Soda Sport range? Keep following my blog via the Bloglovin’ link below for my Pink Soda Fitness Lookbook post coming soon!


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*All photos used in the post were taken and approved by Pink Soda Sport*

*This post contains PR samples*