The First-Ever Family Holiday: 3 Things to Think About

Pixabay – CC0 Licence


We all know the benefits of getting our children out in nature, and a family holiday is going to push us beyond our horizons, but what about those parents that have not been able to take their children on holiday yet? Perhaps money issues coupled with the pandemic have meant many years have passed, and before you know it your children are entering their tween years without having been on a proper holiday. It’s always an exciting thing to do, but it’s a totally different experience compared to going with your partner or by yourself. Here are a few things to consider.

How Far Do You Really Want to Travel? 

There are websites like Cheap Family Holidays that can give you really cheap expeditions further afield, but you have to think about if your children will be able to handle a long-haul flight. A child that’s never been in an aeroplane can become more anxious before the holiday even begins, so you might benefit from holidaying closer to home, which might not feel like a holiday for you, but this gets your children into the holiday mindset. 

They’ve never been away from home, so even taking them a few miles away could be uncomfortable and unsettling for them. You’ve got to make it easier on yourself because if your children are incredibly anxious, especially in a post-pandemic world, you might not have the opportunity to unwind.

Plan an Itinerary (but Don’t Plan Too Much)

If you are on the hunt for a luxury family retreat with multiple rooms and you plan on going all out, that is all well and good. If you haven’t been on holiday in a long time you may feel that inclination to cram as much in as possible so you can maximise your holiday. But remember that the best-laid plans can go off course. Have an itinerary in mind, but of course, depending on the age of your children, it may take a lot longer to walk somewhere. 

If you plan excursions that cover a lot of ground, you may want to hold off and plan one thing for an entire day. This is why theme parks are incredibly popular with families because it’s not just a great way to have a fun day out, with lots of things in one place, but it also allows everyone the luxury of some downtime and relaxation.

Don’t Stress About the Parenting Stuff

We can worry way before we go on holiday because of things like airport transfers and not having enough time to even get out of the front door. It’s easier said than done, but if you are someone who is constantly in a rush, it can easily make for a very tense travelling experience. 

It’s important for everyone to enjoy themselves, and if you are worried about getting somewhere on time, you need to plan way in advance, but you also need to make sure that you keep your stress in check. Spending time months before you head off learning to be calm will help you get the most out of it too.

*This post is written by a third party