How To Use Makeup When You’re Just Starting Out 

If you don’t normally wear makeup, but you want to for a special occasion, or you’re just starting out, and you aren’t sure how to go about using makeup in the right way, it can certainly all seem rather confusing and complex. There are so many products and seemingly so many different ways to use them that it can be incredibly daunting. The good news is there are many tips and pieces of information that will help you so that you can wear makeup much more confidently in the future. With that in mind, read on to find out more about how to use makeup when you’re just starting out. 

Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț


Start With The Basics 

Before you can start working on more advanced makeup techniques – those you might have seen people making videos on or writing articles about, for example – it’s best that you master the basics. In this way, you’ll always have a look you can confidently wear, and as fashions change, you can add to this or tweak it as you need to. 


Start by finding a good foundation that matches your skin tone. It’s amazing how many people don’t do this, and with the wrong foundation in place, the rest of the look can be ruined, no matter how technically adept you might be. You’ll also want to invest in a good mascara to make your eyes pop, and a few lipsticks so you can match your lips to your outfit (or at least not let them clash). 


Learn How To Use Highlighter 

Highlighter is a great way to add some depth and tone to your face and features, and once you have the basics in place, this is certainly something you’ll want to move onto. It’s well worth learning how to apply highlighter correctly, as this can make standard – even boring – makeup look so much more exciting and interesting. 


Highlighter accentuates your features, ensuring that all your best points can be seen. Equally, you can use a highlighter to ‘hide’ the elements you’re not so fond of, meaning you can feel a lot more confident and achieve the look you really want by understanding how to use highlighter. 


Use The Right Tools 

It’s not just about having the right makeup that can ensure you learn how to use everything properly; you’ll also need to have the right tools. Although a lot of the time you might assume that you can just put makeup directly onto your face and that’s how it works, the reality is that unless you have the right tools to do this, the final look won’t be as smooth as you might want. It might not blend properly, and you could even leave your face streaky in the worst cases. 


Having the right tools, which will include good sponges, brushes, and storage (storing your makeup properly is crucial, as some types of makeup can be ruined and not work well if they are not stored in the proper way), means you can work in the right way and that your makeup will always look fantastic. 

*This post is written by a third party