How to create a shared bedroom for your kids

You might have to deal with the difficulty of setting up a shared bedroom for your children as your family expands. Siblings sharing a room can be a great way to strengthen their bonds, but if done incorrectly, it can also be a logistical nightmare. In this post, we’ll give you some advice on how to set up a shared bedroom for your kids that will be practical, comfortable, and fun for everyone. So read on now and find out more.

Involve Your Kids in the Process

Engaging your children in the process of setting up a shared bedroom is the first step. Ask your kids about their personal needs and what they want in their rooms. This will enable you to design a room for them both that is practical and enjoyable. You might even let your children choose the room’s colour scheme or decor if they’re old enough.

Make the Most of the Space

Make the most of the space you have because shared bedrooms can be cramped. To save space on the floor, think about using bunk beds or loft beds. If you can find the best bunk beds for kids, they’ll offer the comfort and functionality you’re looking for. For sleepovers, you could also use a pull-out sofa or a trundle bed. Utilize closets, drawers, and shelving to their fullest potential.

Create Separate Areas

Even though your children will share a room, it’s crucial to designate separate spaces so that they each have a personal space. This might involve having individual beds, desks, or reading nooks. To create private areas within the room, use drapes or dividers. This can really help when you want to give your kids some privacy despite their shared bedroom setup.

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Choose Neutral Colors

It’s best to use neutral colours that both of your kids will like when decorating a shared bedroom. This will make the room look cohesive and help avoid disputes over who gets what. You can always use bedding or decorations to add splashes of colour. You can include your kids in these decisions, but consensus is key when decorating a shared bedroom.

Embrace Organization

Being organised is crucial because shared bedrooms can easily become messy and disorganised. Toys and clothing can be kept organised by using bins, baskets, and storage containers with labels. Encourage your children to keep their belongings in the places they are supposed to.

Set Rules and Boundaries

Setting rules and boundaries early on will help kids adjust to sharing a bedroom, which can be a difficult adjustment for young children. Encourage your kids to interact with one another and be respectful of one another’s personal space. Establish guidelines for bedtime, volume, and personal property.


Making a shared bedroom for your children can be enjoyable and rewarding. You can design a practical and enjoyable space for your children to share by including them in the process, making the most of the available space, establishing separate areas, selecting neutral colours, embracing organisation, and establishing rules and boundaries.

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