How To Get Your Kids Interested In The Outdoors

It’s difficult nowadays to get your kids interested in the great outdoors. There’s so much technology everywhere that they tend to show a lot less interest in the world around them.


However, it’s important as a parent to provide your children with a well-rounded experience of the world. The world doesn’t just consist of technology and the internet of course. As a parent, it’s good to introduce them to new experiences and opportunities that exist beyond their front doorstep.


With that being said, here are some tips to get your kids interested in the outdoors this year.

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Go for a walk together 

If you’re looking to spend more time together as a family, going for a brisk walk is something that you could do at any time during the year, even in the winter. Whether that’s a lazy Sunday walk before the roast dinner or taking an evening stroll during the summertime into your local town.


Whatever the distance and wherever you go, a bit of fresh air and light exercise can be good for all of the family to indulge themselves in. Try to aim for a certain amount of distance covered during the week or month. That way, it’ll motivate you to take the kids with you more often.

Take a picnic to the park

Picnics are a great treat to enjoy and when it comes to spending time with your loved ones, nothing is better than sharing food and drink together on a picnic blanket.


It’s a good opportunity to invest in a nice picnic blanket and basket so that you can keep all of your essentials together for such an occasion. Make sure to pick a day when the weather isn’t so miserable though, there’s nothing worse than doing a picnic and for it to rain.

Treat them to a new bike or scooter

If you fancy treating your kids to some outdoor fun, then a new bike or 3 wheel scooter will go down a treat. It’s important to make sure they’ve got all the safety equipment on and know the rules of the road when riding about outdoors. 


However, once they’ve got the boring safety stuff out of the way, they can enjoy the adrenaline feeling as they cycle or scoot their way along the pavement.

Eat outdoors

It’s important to take time outdoors when you can and during certain times of the year, it may be warranted to eat outdoors. Spending some time out in the sunshine with a BBQ on the go, is often the ideal situation for many people in the UK over the summer.


Try to spend more time eating outdoors where you can and encourage this by investing in a quality outdoor dining set. 

Clamp down on the electronics

While electronics can be good for their development in many ways, they can also limit the opportunities they have away from the screen. Set allocated time for their iPads and phones so that they’re not spending every waking hour on them!


Getting your kids outdoors is going to benefit them in the long run, so use these tips to make it happen.

*This post is written by a third party*