Tips For Getting Piercings For The First Time

Getting a piercing for the first time is a fun experience if a little daunting. There’s always the worry over what piercing will look right and how much pain is going to be felt. Every bodily piercing is a little different when it comes to pain levels and not everyone has the same pain tolerance! 


There are some great tips online for those that are looking at piercings for the first time and want to be prepared for such an event. Here are some tips for getting piercings for the first time. 

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Find a reputable piercing specialist

First and foremost, it’s important to find a reputable piercing specialist. There’s nothing worse than getting a piercing from somewhere that isn’t quite well-known for their piercings. In fact, they may have more than just a few handfuls of bad reviews.


The last thing you want is to get a piercing that ends up getting infected or isn’t to the style or placement that was desired. Make sure to find a reputable piercing specialist who knows what they’re doing.

Be sure to ask questions

Ask questions. Don’t freeze up or feel like you need to be too polite by just agreeing to everything that’s suggested. When it comes to getting a piercing, there may be things that you’re not really aware of or may have more queries about.


Make sure that you’re asking questions and that these questions are answered properly before proceeding with any type of piercing. After all, it’s important to be happy!

Explore options

There are lots of piercing shop options out there and there’s a whole catalogue of wonderful styles, shapes and designs. Be sure to do some research when it comes to piercings in order to figure out which one is going to be the best for your first piercing.


Take your time with this piercing because you’re going to have to wear it for a period of time before it can come out.

Make sure piercings have been sterilized properly

Be sure to check that the piercing specialist has sterilised all their tools properly. This is something that’s extremely important because it can avoid the transmission of infections and it’s just unhygienic to not sterilise the tools.


Make sure you pay attention to the piercing specialist to ensure they do it all properly before putting a needle or piercing gun anywhere near the body.

Know the aftercare process

The aftercare process is the most important part when it comes to getting a piercing. Knowing how to keep it clean and infection-free is necessary for an enjoyable experience. Not only that but when it comes to looking after the piercing you don’t want your first experience to be tainted by an infected piercing or one that needs to be changed out.


The piercing specialist should give you all information you need to help look after the piercing once it’s in the body – wherever it may be!


Getting piercings for the first time should be enjoyable, so make sure to have fun!


*This post is written by a third party*