Ingenious Ways To Make A Friend Feel Special On Their Birthday

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Making friends feel special on their birthdays is a great way to bring you closer together. It’s your one chance in the year to really indulge them without it being awkward. 


But what can you do, specifically? Here are some ideas:


Give Them A Shout Out On Local Radio


Today, there are countless radio stations that will do shout-outs for their audience. (It’s a great way for them to drum up listeners). 


Therefore, why not call them up while you’re all listening to wish them a happy birthday? It might sound like a little thing, but it can have a tremendous impact. 


Grant One Of Their Wishes


If you know that one of your friends has always wanted something (but they’ve never been able to make it happen), why not grant their wish for them?


It could be anything, from going to a theme park to travelling on vacation to a distant country. Just make sure that it’s something your friend will value for the rest of their life. 


Make Their Birthday Party A Surprise


Planning a surprise event for a friend can be a great way to celebrate their birthday, particularly if they are a gregarious person who loves people. Getting everyone together to wish them a happy birthday makes them feel appreciated. And they have you to thank for it. 


Send Interesting Birthday Gift Cards


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Sending your friends interesting birthday gift cards is another great way to make them feel loved and cherished. Giving them something unique makes their birthday stand out as something truly special and worth celebrating.


Get Everyone To Text Them


Nobody wants to feel lonely on their birthday. That’s why it’s a nice idea to get everyone to text your friend. Receiving hundreds of texts from people they know makes them feel loved and special.


Of course, just make sure that you have their permission to share their phone number. If in doubt, only ask people to text them who have their phone number in their contact list already.


You can also try getting people to call them, telling them how wonderful they are. That’s an even better way for everyone to show their appreciation. 


Send Them Birthday Wishes And Quotes


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Birthdays are also reflective times of the year. They remind people that another year has passed and that their lives keep moving forwards. 


Because of this, it can be a great opportunity to send them birthday wishes and quotes. These help them think more clearly about their lives and get them to consider where they would like to be when their next birthday comes around. 


Make A Song For Them


Lastly, you might want to try to make a song for them. Creating something completely unique is a great way to make them feel cherished. 


While the tune is important, it is the lyrics that really matter. Be creative and create edifying verses that really make them feel special. If you can, add some humour to help them smile, even if they are going through challenging circumstances. 

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