3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Clothing

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Statistics show that the volume growth of the UK clothing industry will increase by 13% next year. This means clothing brands will release new pieces in the coming year to grow the industry. However, shopping for clothes can be one of the most trying experiences. The struggle to find the right size or style is a reality many people face. Regardless of this common struggle, other factors dominate your clothing selection at the store or online. These are a few.

  • The cost 

A report on the UK consumer market outlook has stated that the average unit cost of apparel will be slightly above £15 in four years. Currently, it hovers between £10 – £12 (Statista). For every shopper, the cost is a significant factor influencing the decision to purchase an item. Other underlying elements also determine cost. For example, the style, the brand and the year of release play huge roles in determining how much a piece of clothing will cost.

While deciding to go for that pricey or less costly clothing item, it would be best to keep these other elements in mind. People with financial muscle may not exactly worry over the high cost of clothes. On the other hand, it may be an issue if you’re shopping on a budget. Where you shop can also explain the prices. Fortunately, focusing on outlet shopping may be worthwhile, especially because prices are often discounted. If your preference is luxury clothing stores, you can shop anywhere as long as you can afford them.

  • The prevailing weather conditions

All four UK seasons determine people’s choice of clothing. The weather conditions in different parts of the year cannot be ignored when shopping for clothes. For years, seasonal fashion releases have been a major theme on runways worldwide. Spring, summer, winter and autumn collections have often generated great interest among fashion enthusiasts. The season matters all the same for the ordinary person who may not necessarily be inclined to these varied collections.

This is why when you walk into a clothing store in winter, more focus would be on coats, thick jackets and other warmer clothing. The exact opposite is what happens during hot summer months. One trend that seems to have gained ground in the last decade is shopping ahead of the season. According to liveabout.com, shoppers do this to find more variety to suit the season. The downside, however, is that buying clothes ahead of the season is usually more expensive.

  • Age 

People of different age groups dress quite differently due to style preference, lifestyle, maintenance issues and so on. For younger children, the focus is on choosing fabrics that withstand several washing cycles. Older adults may choose warmer clothing from wool or other fibres that retain body heat. Anyone else outside these two groups may be a bit more liberal about wash cycles, fabric choice, and so on.

Fortunately, several clothing brands have made it easier for consumers to shop without strictly focusing on items relevant to their age. The availability of several age-defying styles helps shoppers choose clothes that simply appeal to them.

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