Could Golf Be The Sport For Your Child?

Getting your child into a sport can be a wonderful thing for their development. It can teach them responsibility, discipline, and confidence, and offer avenues for growth that simply aren’t available through education alone. Golf might not exactly be the first sport most parents would choose but if your child is showing a knack for it, and a passion for it, then it can offer just as many of the qualities mentioned above. So, how do you help them get on that green?

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Make sure they have the right gear

If you want to be able to support your child’s interest in a sport, it means making sure that you can get them the right equipment to take part in it. What the “right equipment” is will vary on their age and how much time they have spent golfing. There are plenty of guides for finding beginner gear online but, as they get more practiced, you need to budget for good clothes, shoes, clubs, and maybe even access to a local golf range. It can be a relatively expensive hobby, but you should look at school contributions and local scholarships for young golfers if they stick with it.


Go to the driving range with them

Positive reinforcement from a parent plays a huge role in fostering a child’s early engagement with a sport. Of course, there are kids who are going to find and stick to their passion no matter what but showing some interest of your own can be a great help. One way to keep things fun and to spend time fostering their interest is to find your local driving range. It’s a nice, low-stakes way to help them practice their swing while also making their interest something of a family activity. Just don’t get too bitter if they start to consistently outperform you.


Help them perfect their swing

If your child is really getting into golf to the point that it’s a large part of what they talk and think about, then you can probably safely assume that they would like to take it to the next level. Ask them how they feel about the prospect of going to a golf summer school. Offering them the tutelage and the facilities that they need to compete at the next level can help steer them into taking it even more seriously. Of course, you have to be ready to accept how far they want to go with their interest, as well.


Keep it fun and be supportive

As with any sporting interest, it’s important that you match your child’s enthusiasm, not exceed it. You might be excited about what it could potentially mean for them to excel in a sport, but you should never try to push them further than they’re willing to go with it. Know how to support your child without being over-competitive or toxic.


With the tips above, you can help your child explore their interest in golf in an organic and fun way. If it was meant to be, this is the best way to do it.

*This post is written by a third party