Top 3 Suggestions For Parents To Make To Their Schools’ Parent Council

*this post is written by a third party

It can be challenging to be a parent and feel like your voice isn’t being heard when it comes to your child’s education. Of course, you want what is best for them, but sometimes it feels like the school system is a machine that is out of your control. One way to have a say in your child’s schooling is to get involved in the Parent Council at their school. Parent Councils are groups of parents, teachers, and administrators who work together to improve students’ school and learning opportunities.

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1) Advocate For More Break Time.

It’s been proven time and time again that children learn better when they have regular breaks to run around and get some fresh air. Unfortunately, many schools are cutting back on break time in order to fit in more academic content. If your child’s school is one of these, see if you can work with the Parent Council to advocate for more break time. Just a few extra minutes each day can make a significant difference for kids! Children and adults need regular breaks to stay mentally healthy and focused, which is an important issue that should be raised.

2) Request More Educational School Trips.

Many schools offer a limited amount of educational trips, and some don’t provide any. Educational trips are necessary because they provide students with first-hand knowledge about the world around them. They also promote teamwork and social skills. If your child’s school offers educational trips, but they are few and far between, you can suggest that the Parent Council request more of them. Often, these types of requests fall on deaf ears, but if enough parents make the suggestion, it may be something that the school considers. For example, you could request that they book an Italy school trip, which will provide your child with learning experiences that they would never be able to learn in the classroom.

3) Speak Up About Environmental Initiatives.

Parents should feel comfortable discussing environmental initiatives with their school’s parent council. For example, many schools are now recycling, using energy-efficient lightbulbs, and composting, but there is always room for improvement. If parents have suggestions on how the school can be more green, they should share them with the parent council. Enforcing these initiatives in schools teaches younger generations the importance of taking care of the environment. In addition, parents can ask the school to host educational events on environmentalism and sustainability. These events could be put on by local organizations or businesses that focus on being environmentally friendly. Hosting these events would show students that their school is committed to protecting the environment.

In conclusion, these are only a few suggestions of what parents can do to be active members of their school’s Parent Council. It’s important to remember that every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a difference in the lives of the students. It can be difficult to change the status quo, but as a parent, you have an important perspective that the school should value. If you feel passionate about an issue, don’t be afraid to speak up and try to effect change!


*this post is written by a third party