Fun Exercises You Can Do Without Going to The Gym

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If you want to embark on a new fitness regime, but you’re struggling, maybe because your gym is closed, then you can think of the other activities you can do outside or at home without going to the gym. It’s important to have fun as you exercise and in case you’re planning to stick to a new routine. 

You may be eager to increase your stamina through exercising more, training for an upcoming event, or losing some weight you’ve gained in the festive season. If you’re planning to inject some excitement into your fitness plan, consider the following fitness activities.


Plank can be a simple-looking exercise that can do some wonders to your upper-body strength and core. You can also consider it an exercise that gives you different variations depending on your goals, not forgetting your current physical strength. In cases where you’re getting started, you can try it while bending your knees and, on the floor, instead of putting your legs straight. Besides, you may find it easier when you bend at the elbows and rest your forearm flat on the floor instead of doing a plank with your arms straight and your hands on the floor.

Use Home Workout Instagram Videos

When you use Instagram videos, you can have the ultimate flexibility to choose the things you can do, as this can be based on your energy levels and the time frame you’ve set. You can download Instagram videos and start working out to watch what is done. You can choose a ten- or twenty-minutes video depending on the drive you have as long as you make an effort. You will feel better trying instead of not doing it at all.


When you go hiking with friends, you can start by packing some shoes and getting out to explore the world around you. You can opt for a guide that can help you find a nearby hiking spot, the type of shoes you can wear, and what you can bring along.         

Knee Push-up

This move can help build your strength before starting a standard push-up if you’re a beginner. When doing it, start by getting to a high plank position as this should be done from your knees, ensure you’ve maintained a straight line from your head to your knees, then bend your elbows so that you can lower yourself to the ground. Keep the elbows at an angle of 45 degrees, and then push back up so you can start.

Take The Stairs

You may use the elevator when going to the tenth floor, but there can be a big difference for your health if you opt for the stairs. You can consider walking down your apartment stairs as your daily exercise because you can burn calories when you climb the stairs.

Rope Jumping

There are situations where you may be tired of running on the treadmill. Instead, try jumping the rope since it can be the ultimate calorie blaster as you can burn many calories in a short period. Also, it puts less impact on your joints compared to jogging.

Have Active Meetings

If your friend, family, or colleagues want to meet you for coffee, you can suggest something active like hiking or anything that will get you moving.

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