4 Simple Steps to Get in Great Shape in the New Year


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As a new year approaches, many people make resolutions that will help them better and improve their lives. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight or get in shape. 

Unfortunately, many tend to abandon this goal after a few days or weeks of trying because the requirements are too difficult. If one of your goals in the new year is to lose some weight and have your beach body, the steps in this blog post will help ensure that. 

The tips here are pretty simple and practical and can be implemented by just anyone. They will help you create sustainable habits that will lead to consistent fat loss. 

Start With Intermittent Fasting

Bein a calorie deficit. Honestly that’s the only scientific way to lose weight. Your energy consumption needs to be : calories in < calories out. But NOT in a ‘just east 1200 calories a day’ kinda way. Ensuring that you correctly calculate your body’s energy requirements is super important.

Sometimes you’ll even realise you need to be eating more to actually fuel your body and give it what it needs, in order to lose body fat! I can help you calculate your calories as your fitness coach.

Take Long Walks

Resolve to walk at least 30 minutes a day. And before you say you don’t have the time, you do. Everyone has time for what’s important to them. So, do this every day. It could be a steady stroll or brisk walking. It will really help your ‘energy out’ calculations.

In fact, try walking when you’re running your errands. For instance, if you’re planning your wedding and are meeting up with your wedding planner nearby, walk to the destination. Here’s a rule of thumb to follow: if it’s less than a 10-minute drive, walk to the place. 

Walking is a great steady-state exercise that can help you lose a lot of weight over time. But most people underestimate it because it seems so simple. Yet, there’s result in its simplicity. And as you get better at walking, pepper it with some running workouts

Eliminate Added Sugars

Do you like sugary drinks, fruit juices, and sweets? If you do, you should know that these are huge sources of calories that your body has to store as fat. Also, they’re a major cause of insulin resistance, a condition that impedes your body’s ability to digest sugars. 

This often leads to diabetes and other metabolic syndrome conditions that can further damage your health. So, instead, opt for natural sweeteners like honey and stevia. These are great at keeping your blood sugars and insulin production within the normal range.   

Eat Healthier

Do you know that high-calorie foods not only lead to added weight, they also cause skin blemishes? This is because the foods you eat can interfere with your hormonal balance, leading to breakouts, rashes, and other skin conditions. 

This is why you should try to eat healthier. Eat more leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, lean animal proteins, plant proteins, and whole fibre carbs. Do all these and you’ll be surprised at how much weight you’ll lose in the coming year. 


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