Simple tips to upgrade your home

This is a third party written post


There are many reasons why upgrading your home is necessary. Perhaps you are looking to sell in the near future. Things are looking a little tired and they are beginning to negatively affect your mental health, or maybe you will be introducing a new addition into the household sometime soon. Whatever your reason, there are many simple and effective upgrades you can make without spending the Earth. All it takes is a little time and effort, and you can have a more stylish and chic home to be proud of and make you feel a whole lot better.

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Change the Taps 

Instead of going the whole hog and completely upgrading your bathroom, why not think a little simpler. Changing the taps may give the bathroom that new feel you are after without the price tag. And there are taps in the kitchen, too, perhaps they could do with an upgrade too. Think about the overall style you are going for and buy taps to match. If rustic is your thing, then maybe brass or copper taps will do the trick. If modern and chic is hat toy are after, a modern design silver finish may be exactly what you need.  



Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade many things such as walls, flooring, garden fences etc. All it takes is a little effort on your part, and you can really transform the space. Paint should be chosen as a way to enhance a certain mood, as colour affects our temperament in subtle ways. It can make us more chilled out or more productive, for example. A home office could definitely benefit from a productive colour.


Floating Shelves

Adding a few floating shelves can enhance the look of a room and allow you to make some more space on your surfaces, creating a less cluttered and chic look. If you want a shelf that offers that more rustic look, then Scaffold board furniture might be just what you need. A floating shelf can be erected literally anywhere on a wall, so there is no limitation there and can be used to showcase a few beautiful ornaments or even as a bookshelf extension.



Decluttering is an essential component of upgrading your home. By decluttering, you are making more space and essentially decluttering the mind. Being surrounded by clutter can begin to make you feel stressed out and anxious. Not being able to find anything is a physical manifestation of the problem you are creating. By being able to let go of things, you are breathing new life into yourself and your home. Having space to breathe is a vital aspect of positive mental health. Not to mention too much clutter can build up and hide a multitude of sins such as mould, which can be hazardous to health. So, if clutter is a problem you suffer from, then grab a cardboard box and spend a minimum of ten minutes a day throwing rubbish into it and getting rid of them. Over the courts of a few days or weeks, you will begin seeing a difference, and this may have a snowballing effect and help you create more and more space.    


Upgrade the Doors

There is no need to completely change all the interior doors in your home. Why not upgrade them instead. Again paint can be your best friend here. Alternatively, why not try sanding them down and applying a beautiful wood stain or varnish. This can bring out the beautiful pattern in the wood itself. Also, think about the door handles. You can easily replace these and help change the look and feel of the door. 



Rugs can easily upgrade the look of the flooring without changing anything. People will naturally look down when they enter a room, and if you haven’t the budget for a brand new carper or different flooring, a rug can do the trick just as well. What’s more, you can go a little more wild on the styles and designs when it comes to a rug. So, if you wanted you can use a rug to make a bold statement. 


Pillows and Throws

If you want up to change the look of the living room but can’t stretch to a new sofa, why not upgrade your scatter cushion and add a few throws. Like a rug, these can add splashes of colour and enhance your personality. So, go as wild or placid with the colours and designs as you like. There is no such thing as wrong.   



This is a third party written post