How To Throw An Amazing Baby Shower

This post is written by a third party

If your friend surprises you with the happy news that she is expecting a baby, what do you do? You throw her the best baby shower on the face of the planet! Here are some of the best ideas that we have found from around the web.

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Have a theme

We know that baby showers have a general theme but there is always a way to make it a bit more unique. If your friend is into history, throw her a party with a vibe from her favourite era. If your friend is a little bit spooky, create a witchy themed party around a “baby brewing in her cauldron”. With a little imagination, you can tailor the theme to be more than just “having a baby”.


Add accessories

It doesn’t matter where you are having the party, you need to have some decor and accessories. If you are stuck for ideas, you can learn how to create a beautiful balloon display or get some extra party banners. The idea is to transform the room into a fun party area where everyone can relax. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the decor, the more fun you can make it the better.


Food glorious food

Is it even a party without a crazy selection of food? Your guests will be hungry, and we can guarantee that the pregnant guest of honor will be craving something special. With this in mind, you should balance the food choices. Having options for something sweet, savory, and fresh fruit and veg platters. Having these options will leave your guests feeling satisfied. Don’t forget to include a cake and cupcakes when you are arranging the food order.


Gift bags

Getting a gift bag is the highlight of a kids birthday party, so bring it back for the newest kid. Ok, the baby hasn’t been born yet but you could argue that technically you are celebrating their upcoming birthday. Creating a gift bag that your guests can take with them, including mummy to be, is a great way to help everyone remember the time you spend together to celebrate the newest addition to your group.



Keeping with the making memories theme, make sure that you take loads of photos. Have an instant camera on hand and take snaps to add to the goody bags. Also, make sure that you get loads of snaps on your phone, print them out, and pop them in an album for mummy to be. This will be a great gift that she can treasure forever. 


Party games

If there is one thing that has become a must-have at a baby shower, it is the party games. Pick a handful of games that are simple to follow and can be played without supervision from you. This way, your guests will be amused and happy while you are making sure that the sausage rolls don’t burn. However, it is always good to have a group game that you can gather everyone around to enjoy together.

This post is written by a third party