How To Keep Your Mind Uncluttered

This is written by a third party

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Ever feel as though your mind is constantly on the go and a stream of clutter is now seeping in and transforming your once peaceful mind into chaos? 


When this sense rings true, it is a sign that you need to mentally declutter and free up some headspace. It’s no wonder that you might feel as though your mind is on the go 24/7 when you are juggling planning baby showers, looking after the kids, planning the week’s meal, working, running your home and all of those other tasks.


Your mind is no different to those kitchen cupboards at home, every now and then they need a good tidy and all of the non-essential rubbish that builds up needs binning. By getting rid of the non-essential items in your mind you will feel happier, more motivated and be able to be more productive. 


Here is how you can achieve a de-cluttered mind:


Set Priorities 

The first step in gaining back control of your mind and life is by prioritising. You then are taking that first proactive step in working out what things matter the most. Once you know what your priorities are, you need to set goals on how this will be achieved


This gives you focus and a plan. When you can start putting those thoughts and ideas that are swirling through your brain into some kind of order, you will find that your mind is being clearer. 


Learn To Let Go

To clear your mind and feel lighter, you need to let go of the negative aspects that are taking up space. This means accepting yourself, where you are with life and the hand that you have been dealt. Letting go of the negatives thoughts and feelings that are currently bogging you down, will allow you to reduce stress, become more confident and free up mental space for what is important. 


Instead of dwelling on aspects that perhaps aren’t how you want and allowing those negative thoughts to become consuming, try to replace them with a positive. For example, if you are feeling body conscious after having a baby, instead of looking at yourself and criticising your appearance, look at your reflection and see the beauty in your changed body and appreciate how that has allowed you to grow and bring a child into the world. 


Declutter Your Space

They say that your home and surroundings are a reflection of your mind. If you are finding yourself feeling muddled and mental cluttered, it is great to start with a physical de-clutter. This applies to all aspects so learn how to delete documents and data on iphone, throw away that stack of old magazines that are now collecting dust and covering your worktop, file away those important documents and enjoy the physical declutter. Not only will having a clean home make you feel better but you are then setting intent and can apply the same logic when it comes to sorting out your throughs and completing your mental de-clutter. 


This is written by a third party