How Fashion Has Changed Since the COVID-19 Pandemic

This post was written by a third party.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a large number of changes to our daily lives. We started being more cautious about hygiene, we wore masks everywhere, and we seldom travelled outside when the country was on lockdown. The streets of major cities were virtually empty, and everyone started working at home. As a result of all these things, fashion was something that was put on hold because we needed to focus more on practicality than creativity.


But now that the pandemic is starting to subside a bit and the country is opening up, we can start to feel more comfortable in our clothes as we head outside. Things are gradually returning to normal, but it’s also given us some time to reflect on the fashion choices we made during the pandemic and what is likely to stay with us as a new trend.


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woman in white tank top wearing black and white skull mask


Masks have become pretty fashionable

Many people have started wearing masks not because of the protection they provide, but because they can be rather fashionable. If you look at Choob and masks from other well-known fashion brands, then you’ll see that they come in many different sizes, designs, and even fabrics. You can even find some high-tech face masks with lights and air vents which give a very futuristic cyberpunk feel.

Masks are slowly becoming less of a necessity and more of a fashion accessory. However, this isn’t exactly that strange. Face masks were always very common in some parts of the world like Japan. Over there, people wore masks even before the global pandemic, and it’s not uncommon to see colourful face masks with different designs and patterns to help accessorise your outfit.


Our wardrobes have a lot more loungewear

Since we had to spend a lot more time indoors, many of us stocked up on different kinds of loungewear and accessories so that we could stay indoors and still feel comfortable and look great. Loungewear was popular among most people and we even saw the return of fluffy slippers.

In response to this trend, many fashion companies released unique loungewear items that were perfect for people who wanted to stay at home yet still look great at all times. We believe that many of these loungewear pieces are likely to end up in a closet for a long time, but there’s also something fun about having a big collection of clothes that you wear specifically indoors.


Work-at-home clothing

It sounds a bit strange to some people to wear clothes specifically for remote working, but there are actually a couple of situations where you’ll be on a video call and need to wear something other than your pyjamas. This is where “work-at-home clothing” was conceived; clothing that makes you look smart while on a video call, but doesn’t necessarily need to be functional outside of that!

Fashion is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, but the global pandemic really forced this onto us and made us change the way we see clothing.

This post was written by a third party.