Why reading your horoscope is essential to life

When you mention the word horoscope to most people, they will think about the back of a magazine or a generic website that you know is factually incorrect. Understanding your horoscope or star sign can really show a lot about your character, especially things that you didn’t know before.  These can explain things like why you are so passionate about certain things, why you feel like you have a split personality sometimes… Geminis we are looking at you!  Everyone is individual which is why horoscopes may seem generic because they cover a whole horoscope. However, everyone in the same star sign will have, to some degree, the same impersonality traits. Being open to what your horoscope says will help you understand and live your best day-to-day life.


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We all hear that babies are born and criminals are caught on a night with a full moon. These old wives tales are always founded in some truth. The stars and the moon have more effect on us than we fully understand, by knowing the traits of our star signs, allows us to be more aware of our mood during those times. People who believe in star signs strongly believe that the perfect match and friendships are aligned with signs that are compatible with theirs. Having a basic knowledge of your sign can explain a lot!


Aquarius is an air sign. If you are an Aquarius you will be original and independent. You will have significant humanitarian ethics with an uncompromising attitude surrounding your morals. Aquarius’ like having fun with friends and intellectual conversations showing their business knowledge

Pisces is a water sign. As a Pisces, you will be compassionate and intuitive allowing you to be gentle and wise in your approach to difficult situations. You will love being in your own company as you feel people can take advantage of your overly trusting nature. Music is something that you feel in your soul.


Aries is a fire sign. Meaning you are determined and confident but also short-tempered and aggressive. As an active sign, you will enjoy sports and enjoy nothing else but wearing comfy clothes while being the leader you know you are. One of your pet hates is inactivity in others and prolonged delays that affect any part of your life, work or leisure. 

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Taurus are a strong sign and fall within the Earth signs. As an Earth sign, you are practical with hobbies such as gardening, cooking and working with your hands. Being a reliable patient and stubborn as a bull is something you feel deeply. Due to being so strong, you dislike any form of insecurity and see it as a weakness in others. 


Gemini an Air sign. You are a gentle, curious soul which a penchant for learning very quickly. You are not the person to ask if you want a decision in a hurry, but you are a social butterfly who enjoys being routine and organised. 

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Cancer has its basis within the water signs. As a Cancer, you are strongly tenacious and are often pleased when this is noticed. Being near or on the water is where you feel most at home, you may cringe when the spotlight is on you or if you have to share any personal information with anyone. 


Leo is another fire sign. Meaning you have strong passionate views with those you care for, however, you do have a certain arrogance and enjoy being lazy. You have a bit of a complex with needing to be the best in all you do and enjoy the admiration others pay to you which is also why you enjoy wearing bright clothes. 


Virgo belongs with the Earth signs. You will share some characteristics with the other Earth signs which mean you are hardworking. You have strong beliefs about working, so much so that you rarely take time to unwind. 

Libra is another air sign. You enjoy people which is reflected in your cooperative values. Being diplomatic and fair is one of your strengths, which is why you detest violence and injustice. 


Scorpio is a water sign. By being a Scorpio you will be brave and resourceful. You should not be trusted with secrets as you have a loose tongue when it comes to other people’s business. 


Sagittarius is another fierce fire sign. As a Sagittarius you have others wants above your own because you are so generous. You cannot stand waiting or anything and you have no filter. Therefore you sometimes get into trouble because you believe in saying the truth!


Capricorn is the final Earth sign. You have exceptional self-control which is very admirable. You will have wide varieties of interests which without meaning to may result in you looking like a know-it-all. 

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