Helping Your Man With His Sense Of Style

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If you sometimes find yourself looking at your man and thinking that he might need a little help in trying to look a little better, you are not alone. This is a feeling that a lot of women have, and it is something that is very common indeed. The truth is that most men can look much better and more comfortable in themselves with just a little encouragement in the right direction. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the things that you can do in order to help your man with his sense of style. Follow these tips, and you should find that he is looking the part in no time at all.

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Meet In The Middle

Let’s be honest: there is a good chance that your man isn’t really going to want to hear that you think he might be able to improve his style. You are bound to be met with at least some resistance to this fact. You therefore need to choose your words carefully, and also be prepared to compromise. Meeting in the middle with regards to what you think is necessary and what he thinks is necessary is something that will make this whole process so much simpler and easier for you both. Start out in this mindset, and you’ll find that it really helps things along nicely.


Find His Colors

One of the difficulties in all of this, but also something that can really make a huge difference, is trying to find the colors that tend to suit your man as well as possible. Once you have found them, it’s a simple case of occasionally buying him a shirt in that color and nudging him in that direction. You might find that blue or grey looks particularly good, or something else altogether. The point is to raise it with him, and encourage him by telling him how good he looks when he wears those colors. This simple act is going to help him to develop a lot of confidence with his fashion and sense of style in general.


Try Something Different

Sometimes achieving the right look is all about just trying something a little different or unusual. You might be well aware of this already, but there is a good chance that your man is not. Therefore, you might want to think about encouraging him in trying new types of clothing and styles which are especially likely to stand out. Choosing for him some Off-White for men items could be a good start, as he is bound to enjoy these kinds of clothes and to feel considerably better in himself as a result, so start there. You might find that it gives him the confidence to expand his horizons even more in the future.

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Go For Classic

Of course, just as being adventurous can be a great route to take, so too can going for the classic look. The classic look is always going to be worth trying out, as there will be many times when it is going to work for a man for whom nothing else seems to work. What’s more, it’s easy to put together and you will find it easy to encourage this kind of style to your man as well. With clean lines, a traditional approach, and an avoidance of over-dressing, you should find that your man looks significantly more classic, and this is almost always an attractive look to have. It also normally uses earth tones as a foundation, upon which you can build in whatever way seems best and most appropriate.


Grooming Is Key

A lot of women know full well the difficulty of trying to get their man to groom a little more. If you manage it, however, it is going to be worth your while, and it will pay off in a man who looks significantly better in whatever he happens to be wearing. All the rest of this will therefore be a lot simpler and easier to do, so it is worth focusing on this. It’s as simple as encouraging him to shave a little more often, or at least keep that beard trimmed appropriately, and ensuring that he is clean and looking after himself. These little things make a huge difference to how his sense of style appears on the whole, so don’t overlook it if you are serious about all this.


There you have it – these are the best ways to help your man achieve a better sense of style.

This post is written by a third party