Banish Your Kid’s Boredom Right Now Banish Your Kid’s Boredom Right Now

*written by a third party

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One of the worst phrases you can hear as a parent is, “I’m bored!” However, the bad news is that you will listen to it on a reasonably regular basis, mainly through the summer months when there might be lots of time to spare.  

Whilst our children should always be encouraged to find their own ways to cure their boredom, we can point them in the right direction as parents. However, are you running out of ideas on how to entertain your kids? If you are, then here are some of the main ways that you can help to banish your kid’s boredom right now.  

Treat them to some active toys  

Of course, you should never throw money at your kids to cure their boredom (trust me, that gets expensive quickly); sometimes, it is necessary to take this kind of action. However, you need to think about what you buy carefully. Active toys, like the ones you can find if you view this website are a great idea because not only can they be used time and time again, but they are also encouraging them to be outside too.  

Draw outside with chalk 

Art is an activity that you don’t have to be good at to enjoy, and it is something that many children will happily do for an extended period. If you are a parent who finds it too stressful to have arts and crafts indoors, why not take them outside instead?  

One fun activity that has minimal clean up for you are chalks. You could even take this one step further and get them to draw a mural on the wall or on the floor, which can then be washed away with ease.  

Get them to make a poster of them when they grow up 

Stuck inside on a rainy day and want to encourage your children to do something rather than stare at the TV? Why not challenge them to make a poster of their future career choice. You can get them to draw a picture of themselves as what they see themselves being and write down some of the keywords/phrases/things they need to think about when it comes to this future career.  

Ask them to make their own lunch 

If your child is older, then a great activity to do if they are bored is to get them to make their own lunch. Not only does this cure boredom, but it makes sure that they learn about cooking/preparing food and also ticks one thing off of your to-do list.  


Dancing is a free yet enjoyable activity that you can all do as a family. So, why not challenge your children to a dance party? Put on your favourite family tunes, and then get dancing around the house. Not only is this a whole lot of fun, but it also keeps you active too.  

You might not be able to banish boredom for your children forever, but you can do your best to limit how much you have to hear the dreaded word, which should at least cure some of those parenting headaches!  


*written by a third party