How To Teach Your Child To Feel Confident About Their Appearance

As children get older, they can become increasingly self-conscious about their bodies and the way they look. This becomes even harder when they are going through puberty; not only do they have to cope with the changes that are happening to their bodies, but their emotions and hormones are confused and unstable too. 

As a parent, it’s hard to see your child feeling bad about the way they look or the things they like, but you can make things better. There are some things you can do that will make all the difference and allow your child to feel confident about their appearance. Read on to find out more. 

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Help With Their Wardrobe 

As you probably already know, not everyone has their own sense of style, and not everyone can understand what clothing suits them. Or in some cases, your child might have their own style, but because it’s different from everyone else’s or they don’t think it suits them, they don’t like to wear it. Instead, they’ll wear clothes they’re not comfortable in, and their confidence will be low because of that. 

Therefore, you can help them with their wardrobe. Speak to them about what it is they like and the kinds of clothes they enjoy wearing. What is it that makes them feel most comfortable? Remind them that it doesn’t have to be stylish or ‘on trend’ because those trends come and go. Their own style, however, will remain forever. Once they have worked out what they like, you can help them find clothes in that style that suit them and make them feel great. 


Skin Treatment 

Over and above anything else, it is the impacts of puberty on your skin that will be causing the most problems for your child. They will have acne, oily skin, perhaps even scars, and they just won’t feel as free as they did when they were younger to enjoy themselves without worrying about what their skin looks like. 

Today, there are many different skin treatments available for adolescents going through puberty. These treatments are kind to the skin and will help to soothe the pain associated with acne as well as reduce the look of the spots and blisters and even help with scarring, depending on how severe things are. Help your child research which skincare treatment will work best for them, and you can even give them some pointers on how to use it. Once you see the difference it is making to their skin, make sure you point it out – this will definitely boost their confidence. 


Show Old Photos 

Has your child ever seen old photos of you when you were their age? If not, this could be the ideal chance to show them. They will be able to see that when you say everyone has to go through this stage of life, you meant it. Your hair might be greasy, your skin might be covered in acne, your clothes might be somewhat strange, but none of that matters. They will be able to see how you grew past the puberty stage and blossomed, and they will know that they will do the same thing. Plus, remind them that their friends have all got the same problems – they are definitely not alone.