Cosmetic interventions to consider | 5 beauty therapies to learn more about

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When it comes to claims made by cosmetic companies, many of us have developed thick skin. They promise us clear skin and beautiful bodies, and yet their products never quite deliver.

However, we shouldn’t tarnish the entire industry with the same brush. There are some gimmicks out there, but many products can make a difference. It’s just a question of tapping into them and ensuring you go to the right places! 



What comes to mind when you read the word Botox? Celebrities trying to defy aging? – more than likely.  Botox, though, isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. Plus, it’s wildly effective. 

The way it works is surprisingly simple. Cosmetic surgeons inject tiny amounts of it under the skin, into the muscles around the face. The paralyzing agent then causes them to relax, helping to reduce the lines and wrinkles above. The result is youthful, smoother-looking skin and a more relaxed face.  You can even actually get botox for things like to reduce sweating and (as a sweaty person) it’s something I’ve looked into a lot. 


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are perhaps the most misunderstood cosmetic intervention on the market today. Most people think they’re for plumping up the face. But their main effect is actually to get the body to start producing more of its own natural fillers. 

The base ingredient for dermal fillers is usually hyaluronic acid. Again, cosmetic surgeons inject it under the skin in target areas to reduce lines and wrinkles and restore volume. 

Dermal fillers, though, don’t stay in the skin for long. Instead, their high hyaluronic acid content encourages the dermis to produce more collagen long-term, making people who get it look plumped and fresh over time. Well worth a shot if you haven’t had it done before!


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming more popular among celebrities – and not in the places you’d imagine. Today, they’re using it to get rid of annoying “peach fuzz” – all the small hairs that tend to accumulate on the cheeks and neck. Getting rid of this excess hair makes it easier to apply makeup more easily and produces a smoother finish. 

On average, the average laser hair removal patient endures between six and eight sessions for the full effect. 


Rosehip Oil

Sales of rosehip oil are going through the roof at the moment, owing to the purported benefits of the serum. Rosehip is just a wild form of regular roses, so it’s perfectly natural. What’s more, it seems to provide skin with a bunch of nutrients that it loves. Over time, it looks smoother and more vibrant. 



Cryotherapy has nothing to do with crying. Instead, it’s all about cooling the body down in certain places to produce cosmetic benefits. In one technique called Coolsculpting, for instance, cosmetic surgeons place rolls of fat on your body between clamps. They then cool the tissue down until the fat cells die off. Then, over the following weeks, the body’s immune system clears away all the dead cells, reducing the fat volume in the target area. If you want to learn more about Coolsculpting, there are plenty of websites out there. 

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*this is a collaboration post.