Shopping Made Simple: How To Update Your Wardrobe And Treat Your Partner Too

The evenings are getting lighter and many of us have got a spring in our step. Rising temperatures and the promise of days out and reuniting with friends and family have got us thinking about ditching the joggers and revamping our wardrobes. If you’re looking for simple, hassle-free, safe ways to ‘go shopping’, update your clothing collection and treat your partner too, this guide is packed with handy tips. 

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Online shopping

Online shopping has become a go-to for most of us during the pandemic. Not only is shopping online convenient and quick, but it also means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. The beauty of online shopping when it comes to freshening up your look and buying new clothes is that you can choose from a vast range of sites. From high-profile chain stores to independent shops you’ve never heard of before, there’s scope to explore and discover new brands as well as old favourites. 

When you’re browsing online, you can search for specific items or trends, look on sites that stock multiple brands or visit independent online stores. If you’re shopping for your partner, there’s also an opportunity to combine virtual trips with websites and apps that stock unisex styles, womenswear and menswear. The Internet makes it easy to find branded clothing like pieces by Buzz Rickson, but it can also pave the way for discovering online treasure troves that sell new or less well-known brands. If you do choose to make a purchase online, always ensure that the site is secure, read the delivery and returns information and check reviews before you order. 


Finding inspiration on social media

Most of us haven’t had many occasions to dress up for in the last 12 months and loungewear and outdoor clothes for daily walks have become wardrobe staples. If you’re looking forward to putting outfits together, now is the time to start looking for inspiration. Reading online fashion magazines, following people whose style you admire on social media and browsing virtual aisles to see how brands style their models can all give you inspiration and ideas, which makes shopping simple. Many brands and retailers now sell directly through social posts or they provide links to items showcased in stories or adverts. You can also find stockists in magazines, and social apps will make recommendations for new accounts to follow based on your interests and the posts you interact with. 


Click and collect

At the moment, it’s not possible to pop out and go shopping if you fancy indulging in retail therapy. Even when stores do reopen, some people may not be ready to venture out to shopping centres. Click and collect provides an easy way of adding to your wardrobe without worrying about going into a busy store or waiting around in queues to get into a shop or pay. You can also try items on at home, which may be more appealing than using communal fitting rooms. And , not to mention that it often comes without the added shipping fees. 

Shopping as we know it might not be on the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t refresh your wardrobe or treat your partner to some new threads. If you’re looking to embrace spring/summer trends, you can shop online, use social media to discover new brands and buy from your favourite labels and take advantage of convenient click and collect services. 


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