Getting the absolute best of our your run | Running tips

Running is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that has a plethora of benefits beyond improving heart health and blood flow throughout the body. However, if you want to maximize the results of your fat-burning, leg-toning, and bum-building runs, then you need to know how to push them a little further. This is something that I’ve been really looking into over the past couple of months as I keep pushing myself to that 10k mark (for those of you who don’t know, I’m aiming for 10k by the end of March). I’ve popped a few running tips below to help you on your way. 

running for beginners

Push yourself

When you first start running, the focus might be on making it a certain amount of time or distance without needing to stop, so you’re going to pace yourself. However, one of the best tips for beginning runners is to start interval training as soon as possible. This means you find those opportunities to push yourself as hard as you can, upping the intensity to extreme degrees. You might not be able to last as long when you do it, but intensity interval training is one of the best ways to work out your heart, to lose weight, and to build the muscles you’re working on. I currently do 2 runs a week – one being a longer run to push my distance and the other is a shorter distance where I train intervals. It’s an absolute killer but the difference it’s been bringing to my longer runs is amazing!


Mind your feet

Your feet are going to feel sore after you go for a run, there’s no denying that. However, there’s a difference between the normal soreness that should come after an exercise and the risk of injury. From regular sprains to plantar fasciitis, there are a few injuries that runners tend to be more prone to. Make sure that you’re doing what you can to prevent these injuries, such as cooling your feet down with ice packs following a run and wearing proper purpose-designed running shoes that offer your feet the support that you need. I’ve been struggling with shin splints recently (which is a real killer) and I’m looking into new shoes for that too. 


Reduce your resistance

Wind resistance is a force that’s going to play on you no matter what you do – and it can be harsh on your face when it’s cold. You’re trying to push yourself further and faster, but wind resistance pushes back on you and will always, to some degree, stop you from reaching your very best potential when running. However, by wearing tighter workout gear and allowing yourself to be empowered by proper workout leggings, you can reduce your wind resistance. This means you can run faster, so long as you must the strength and energy in your legs, allowing you to reach for new goals and experience new thrills. I find that weight training and strengthening can be really helpful too to ensure I get the most out of my runs. 


Get your mind in gear

You might not entirely notice it, but you are naturally going to be more sluggish to start and less likely to hit your peak performance if your mind and heart aren’t in it. Motivation can play such a profound effect that you might not even notice you’re not giving it your all. Find ways to motivate yourself before and during your runs. Finding a great running playlist full of tunes to get you pumped up and ready to burn off all that excess energy could be just what you need. I also like podcasts for completely distracting me whilst I run long distances. 


The running tips above aren’t going to make you excel at running. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into that as well. However, so long as you keep practicing while you’re following the running tips above, you should start to see some serious improvements to your results in the long-term.