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This post contains gifted items.
modibodi period knickers
Modibodi period underwear styles

Okay. So let’s talk about periods. It’s been a while… Here’s why period knickers will be your new best friend.

When I was a teenager getting my period was the most embarrassing thing ever. I wanted to hide it from everybody and I never wanted anyone to know. Nowadays, it’s different, I’m older and don’t care who knows or who I tell, but back then it had to be a secret. It was the kind of cough-in-the-toilets-to-distract-from-the-sound-of-opening-your-pad level of embarrassing when I was 15 and the fear of leaking through my trousers for everyone to see at school was the frequent stuff of nightmares. It’s ridiculous if you think about it because every woman goes through it but when I was in my teens I was convinced it was just me and that even other girls would think I was gross for being on! I had completely irregular periods too when I was younger; I would often skip a month or two for no reason at all and then have the heaviest bleeding ever when it finally decided to show. It brought on the craziest anxiety of having to carry a pad around with me everywhere just-in-case and was one of the most stressful things I had to think about (besides worrying over my grades of course).

Since having my daughter though, I’ve found that my periods have regulated and now I have a way more predictable schedule than I ever had before. But what I didn’t anticipate was that tampons would become painful for me to use and they would be heavier than ever. I wrote a bit about it when I first tried a menstrual cup but for me, it made periods even worse as I no longer had that fail-safe product to keep me feeling as comfortable as I could be on my monthly’s. Pads are literally my enemy and although my menstrual cup has been great over the past 3 years of using it, I generally don’t tend to use it for my whole period and had been reverting back to pads for night times (yet still leaking sometimes) and my last couple of days on. I needed something new and when I heard about period knickers, I was fully intrigued.

Sensual Hi-Waist Briefs

In the last few months, I’ve started using period knickers by a brand called Modibodi. They’re an Australian brand of specially designed underwear that absorbs your period and keeps you feeling dry and clean all day long. I’d heard about them originally a while back but thought nothing of them (probably along the lines of ‘gross’ if I’m being honest) and then just before Christmas I saw a fellow blogger do an #ad for them on Instagram and decided to purchase some. What could it hurt? They were on a fab offer (3 pair bundle for the price of 2 and I found a discount code) and I’d leaked on my sofa just a week earlier that had been a b*tch to wash out. I needed another option for my periods and these seemed like the best answer.

Modibodi period running shorts

5 reasons I instantly fell in love with Modibodi period knickers:

  1. They are the softest and most comfortable underwear you will ever wear
  2. I felt dry constantly through the day, no matter how heavy my flow
  3. I didn’t leak anywhere even throughout the night
  4. I didn’t have to use a single plastic period product
  5. I barely had to even think about being on my period.

Let me just re-cap on that last point there a second: I barely had to even think about being on my period. I cannot tell you how good it feels to say that. All I do is worry about being on my period!!

I’ve shouted about Modibodi on my social media for a while now and I keep getting the same questions. So here’s the main points to banish any of those doubts you may have:

  • No. You do not have to change your knickers like you would a pad. You just wear them like a normal pair of knickers all day (and change for night time).
  • There are plenty of styles with plenty of absorbancy levels for you to choose from – and they even have activewear  and swimwear too! Whether you have light days or extremely heavy nights, there are a bunch of amazing categories for you to wear. I personally love my heavy-overnight pairs and also have a couple light-moderate for the first and last days.
  • You don’t feel gross. With a pad I always tend to feel minging. But Modibodi knickers are super absorbing and constantly leave me feeling dry and fine.
  • To wash, you rinse in cold water immediatley after use until the water runs clear and then machine wash with the rest of your clothes (minus the fabric softener). It’s not gross or disgusting – you just get to a point where it becomes second nature.
  • They also have vegan options available (as the gusset of the regualr pairs are made with wool).

I’ve lived 2 completely ‘plastic-free’ periods now because of Modibodi and they’ve been an absolute dream. I don’t dread my periods now because I know that all I have to do is pop on a pair of knickers, like any other day and I’m ready to go.  As you can see from the picture above, I’ve also purchased a pair of running shorts specifcally designed for working out on your period and I’ll do a full review on these once I’ve tried and tested them next time mother nature comes to visit.

I cannot believe how amazing these period knickers are had I known about these when I was a teenager, I think I would have felt so much more relaxed and less anxious knowing that my period was protect and I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing/hearing my pad or whether or not I would leak! Modibodi also have ModibodiRED which is a teen range and I 100% recommend getting a few pairs for your daughters. These are a game changer now at the age of 26 – when I was a teenager, they would have been a GODSEND.

Thank you to Modibodi who kindly gifted me a few pairs to review for this blog post.

If you’d like to know more, pop me a message or head to Modibodi – I have a discount link here where you can get £15 off your first order! – DISCOUNT LINK

and if you’re already a fan of Modibodi then the discount code Nopanicperiod15 will get you 15% off your next order.

Beky x

This post contains gifted items.