Ways to get out of your fashion comfort zone

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to experimenting with fashion. If you’re a lover of getting dressed up and looking your best, then you might want to expand your level of comfort even further so that you can make bold fashion choices. However, it takes time to get out of your fashion comfort zone. Here are a few ways to get out of your fashion comfort zone that will help you to expand your style. 

Work On Finding Your Own Personal Style

The key to getting out of your fashion comfort zone and moving forward in style is to ignore trends and work on your own personal style. Following trends blindly won’t do much but make you look like everybody else. If you want to put the effort in to get out of that comfort zone, why would you then start wearing what everybody else is wearing? This is your opportunity to find your own personal style and have fun with what you find. It takes time, but it’s a lot of fun and so worth it! 


Take Baby Steps 

Taking baby steps towards your desired outcome is key. Consider what you’d like to achieve and then break everything down into small steps. For example, you could wear a pair of funky shoes or another accessory before going all out with an entire outfit. You can gradually build up your risk level and keep trying new things as you feel confident. Pretty soon, you won’t care what anybody else thinks! 


Find Your Fashion Inspiration

Finding some fashion inspiration can be an amazing way to get ideas and figure out how you want to look. Using Pinterest to save pictures of outfits and looks that you love will give you a better idea of the sorts of pieces you should have in your wardrobe, whether that’s alternative clothing or something else. This way, you can spot colors, patterns, and items that you will probably enjoy having in your wardrobe. This isn’t about copying a look straight from somebody else, though, so remember to try to put your own creative spin on looks and outfits. 


Stop Worrying About Your Body

When you worry about your body hang ups, you limit yourself with your outfits. Don’t listen to media publications that tell you that you can only wear certain outfits or items if you’re a specific size. You can wear anything you want to wear. This can take some self love and body image awareness, as you may need to work on that before you can comfortably wear items you really want to wear. 


Get Rid of Clothes That No Longer Feel Good

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you’ve been clinging onto that no longer feel good. Those clothes you wear to slob around the house or cover yourself up should all go. Make room for your new stylish outfits and stop dressing in pieces that aren’t really you. 


How are you going to get out of your fashion comfort zone? 

Beky x

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