Beginning To Love Your Body Is A Core Component Of Getting Fit

Many of us believe that getting fit and healthy is the prerequisite to loving our bodies, but that’s not the case at all. The true secret of diet and exercise is that your confidence is found within it, not only a healthier and better physique. Beginning to love your body is a  core component of getting fit, not some ethereal after reward that you have to decide afterwards.


Don’t believe us? It’s easy to test out. If you decide to go for a run (adequately measured at your skill and fitness level), and come back home, take a shower, you will enjoy a rush of endorphins and the chance to feel more confident in how you present yourself and how your body is. Why is this? Because even if you’re not ‘there’ yet, you’re improving. It’s hard not to begin to love your body, even if you’re far from your goals, when you continue to make sustainable efforts that suggest ‘I am worth it’ each and every time.

Stretching & Soothing

A good, heavy workout can often feel quite tiresome and it can certainly put its stress on your body. This is why stretching after a workout can be a great idea. Remember, dynamic stretches before a workout will help your muscle, while static stretches afterwards can help iron out any kinks. Soothing efforts, such as taking ice baths (although not for me haha), foam rolling, or using creams to help nullify delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can also be a tremendous help. This way, you’re giving your body the aftercare you need. I’ve started using Yoga Stretch videos on Youtube to ensure I’m stretching properly and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my training. 


Proper Form

It’s important to note that when working out, there are often many ways to get it wrong and only a couple of ways to get it right. This is why taking the time to learn the correct form of each exercise can help save you the chance for injury later, and it also helps measure yourself during your training. You don’t have to progress in how much weight you can lift in each session unless training for a particular goal, but you do need to make sure your form is well curated and developed. In that respect, you can feel more competent and your body will thank you.


Aiding Your Goals

There are also additions you can use to really help get the benefit of a fit and healthy lifestyle if you’re struggling to make that last bit of progress. A deload week can help your body recover from time to time, for instance, helping you return to your training with confidence. It can also be worth looking into the benefits of CoolSculpting to help you more readily lose that last bit of bodyfat. In other words, realizing that it’s quite okay not to be perfect can help you focus on being great. And who would want to be perfect over being great?


With this advice, we hope you can begin to love your body as a core component of getting fit.



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