3 things to pack for a weekend away

Let’s face it – most of us could use a trip right about now. Most of the world has been under some kind of lockdown or social distancing rules for over a year now and while there is a light at the end of the tunnel, some places still have plenty of restrictions in place (hi UK, I’m looking at you). So, while you might have the travel bug and be itching to traverse across the globe, just like I do – that might not be an option right now. But, it might be easier to go on a weekend away with your partner, friends, or family in the coming months (woohoooooo). Even just a few days away from the “norm” can make a big difference in how you feel, and and I for one am buzzzzzing for when we’re finally allowed our ‘normality’ back (whatever that is nowadays).


It’s often easier to pack for a long trip than a short one. Overpacking can cause you to have to lug around too many things the whole time. But, you don’t want to under pack and not have everything you need. With that in mind, let’s look at three essentials you should take with you on your next weekend trip. 

woman sits on brown wooden beach chair



  1. A Stylish Bag

Did you know that your packing vessel can actually make a difference? The last thing you want on a weekend trip is to haul around a big suitcase, especially if you’re short on space in a car or hand-luggage only. A good rule of thumb is to pack two bags – one for your clothes and “big” items, and another for your toiletries and smaller items. Your smaller bag should be able to double as a handbag that you can carry with you throughout the trip, whether you’re shopping, dining out, or just having fun. Looking at Premium Leather Bags for your trip is a great place to start. They’re stylish enough for any occasion and big enough to carry a lot. 


  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

This might seem like a minor detail when it comes to the things you should pack, but you’ll love having it with you.  A reusable water bottle is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, carrying it around with you will encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. That’s hugely important if you’re walking around a lot, or if you’re “indulging” in a few adult beverages. It’s also a great way to save money, since you won’t have to buy drinks at restaurants or little roadside food carts. Since most people spend about $35 a day on food and drinks when they’re traveling, that can save you a few dollars/pounds in just a couple of days! Finally, it will prevent you from spending money on plastic water bottles and throwing them away when you’re done. Reusable bottles are much more eco-friendly and a practical way to stay hydrated. 


  1. Laundry Bag

If you do a little bit of research, you’ll find plenty of lists online that tell you what clothes to pack for a weekend trip. It usually consists of two pairs of pants, a few tops, etc.  But, what many of those lists forget to mention is that you should bring a clean laundry bag with you, too. You’re undoubtedly going to change your outfit more than once, even over the course of two or three days. The last thing you want is to have to mix your dirty clothes in with the clean ones. And, shoving them in a plastic bag or bin bag can make it easier to lose them/leave them behind. By bringing a laundry bag with you, everything will stay in one place, and you’ll be ready to do a load of laundry when you get home. 


These might not be the most obvious things you think of when you’re considering a weekend trip. That’s why it’s so important to mention them! Keep thse items in mind when you head out on your next weekend adventure, and you’ll love how prepared you feel, so you’ll have more time to relax.