Love after lockdown – Meeting your partner after time apart

Social distancing restrictions have stopped many couples from meeting each other in person for a long time now and  while Zoom calls and social media have provided a substitute, the thought of reconnecting in person must be crazy exciting (unless you’ve been bubbled up of course!) After such a long time apart, you’ll want to ensure that the first meeting allows you to pick up from where you left off. Here are four simple preparations that will ensure that you flourish in readiness for meeting your love after lockdown. 

While your relationship is about more than just looks, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of appearances and how to wow your man (or woman) for your first post lockdown date. Aside from impressing your OH, unlocking your full potential in the glam department will put you in a more confident mood and boost those love endorphins for the evening. Mastering your skincare routines is therefore essential. On the day of your first post-lockdown date, you should  plan your outfit and hairstyle, make a big deal of it and let it be a cause to get yourself pampered. The simple changes like nail painting can put you in a far better mood too!  We’ve all be stuck inside, most probably in jammies and barefaced for the past however many weeks and making that extra effort for each other will instantly make you feel better and ready for your date! 

The enforced separation has already stopped you from seeing each other on important days, of course, you’ve probably enjoyed virtual birthday dates, but this is the time to make up for those lost events that otherwise would have been a big ‘date night’ occasion. Similarly, it’s not too late to check out valentines gifts for coffee lovers. It’s the thought that counts right? Even if the presents are later than expected… A sentimental gift will make a far bigger impact right now, as it shows how much you’ve been thinking about your partner. I’m 100% expecting date nights and love after lockdown date days where you can go almost anywhere together, without restrictions to be majorly OTT for a while. They didn’t call it the “Roaring 20’s” after the Influenza pandemic for nothing did they?

After weeks of spending time apart, it’s vital that you actually spend time together. Not glued to your phone or emails. Therefore, clearing your schedule and getting organised will have a telling influence on the quality of your date. You’ve spent enough time focused on scrolling Insta and TikTok through lockdown, you don’t need to do it on your date! This is your chance to live in the real world and really appreciate the time with your OH! 

It’s very likely that this is the longest amount of time you’ve spent apart from each other. While you want things to go back to normality, you must respect the impact that time spent apart will bring. It may take several dates to get back to where things were. A little awkwardness is not an indication of love being on the rocks. After all, you’re not only getting used to being around each other. You’re getting used to being around people in general. If you are more comfortable with a brief encounter before meeting up in a few days, that’s fine. There’s no rush. Take things back to the basics of dating and just enjoy each others company again. In many ways, it will feel like you’re back to the start. These are unprecedented times, but you can get your flow back in no time. You’ve got this!


Beky x

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