Daily Habits for a Happier Life | A quote to live by


“Do what makes you happy,

Be with those that make you smile,

laugh as much as you breathe,

Love as long as you live”


I was shown this quote recently (a friend found it on this website by Richard Spanton Jr and his partner), and since I’ve spent the last year (like everyone) stuck in a rut of lockdown life and not knowing what the f*ck direction life is going in at the moment, this quote couldn’t have spoken to me more.  It’s something I’ve decided to live by (although ‘be with those on Zoom that make you smile’ is more of an apt line for 2020/2021 right?) and I think there is a way to incorporate habits from these into your daily basis and potential for a happier life. By following them each day, there is the potential for a better quality of life

daily habits for a happier life

Do what makes you happy

We spend so much of our lives making other people feel happy, that we sometimes forget to focus on ourselves. While we can feel rewarded by the things we do to lift other people up, we can also feel tired and burned out when we haven’t considered our own needs. This is something that I struggle with so badly and something that I 100% need to continue to focus on to reach that ‘happier life’. I seem to never put myself first. So, on a daily basis, spend some time doing what makes you feel happy, whether that’s going for a walk in the sunshine, relaxing with a good book, or binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix. Personally for me, taking time out for and doing a workout is the height of ‘me time’.


Be with those that make you smile

There will be those people who don’t make you smile or those who drain you when you’re in their presence. I’m thinking of those people who put you down on a too-regular basis or who suck out all of your energy with their constant moaning and complaining. While we sometimes have to spend time with people who grate on us, try to distance yourself as much as possible so you can spend time with people who actually make you smile. These are the people who will lift you up, make you laugh, and give you ingredients for a much happier life . Cherish them and make time for them, as their company shouldn’t be taken for granted – but remember also that you come first and you should never have to dim your light so your friends can shine brighter.  


Laugh as much as you breathe

To laugh as much as you breathe is probably impossible! But you get the point. Try to spend some time each day laughing, whether that’s through watching something funny on TV, spending time with people who make you chuckle, or watching crazy cat videos on YouTube. Or you know, whatever  makes you laugh. Not only will you gain pleasure from whatever it is you are doing, but the act of laughing will also improve different facets of your life. Here are some examples. So, laugh as much as you can, as for all kinds of reasons, you will feel happier.


Love as long as you live

Love: It’s a powerful word and one we should all live by. When we love ourselves with self-care and inner compliments, we will override any negative thoughts we feel about ourselves. When we can love the people around us, we will often experience the love they will show us in return. And when we focus on love instead of hate, we won’t get caught up in bitter feuds or jealous thoughts, and we won’t experience the misery that can come from a negative mindset. So, on a daily basis, follow some of these ideas on loving yourself, and focus on the things you can do to love others. When love is at the centre of your life, you will experience more happiness. With so much negativity going on in the world  at the moment, spending time learning to love yourself as much as those around you is super important. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t completely love who I am, but I’m making the steps to get there and honestly, the positivity in that alone is making such a difference to me.