Why everybody should try the Body Shop’s Ginger Scalp Serum

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had issues with my scalp. I’ve struggled with it for years and have always ever been highly embarrassed by how greasy and flaky it can be. But although greasy and flaky it may seem, my scalp has troubled me much deeper than this with my scalp becoming so dry and cracked that it often bleeds. It’s been an issue that I’ve had since I was a teenager and over the years I’ve been to the doctors several times and have been prescribed many different types of serums and shampoos, which have never really worked. Having tried a lot of products out there designed for itchy and flaky skin, I’ve still never quite found anything to truly come anywhere near solving my scalp issues like I’ve wanted them to. That was until The Body Shop launched their new ginger scalp serum.

I have of course used their Ginger shampoo for years; ever since I worked at the Body Shop around 4 and a half years ago and have always known how amazing the range already is. So when the Body Shop announced their new Ginger scalp serum, I literally jumped for joy. Ginger is wildly known for having ‘medicinal’ properties, especially within Chinese culture I believe and when I’ve used it in beauty or skincare products in the past, it’s only ever had positive results for me.

ginger scalp serumginger scalp serum

When I have a ‘flare up’ of my scalp issues, instead of scratching endlessly and making this worse,  I now use the pipette to directly apply  the ginger scalp serum to the areas of my scalp that need it most and gently pat it in place. Almost immediately I am soothed of the itchiness and pain from the cracked skin, as if they’ve disappeared completely (I could only wish). One of my main concerns about trying this new ginger hair serum was whether it would make my hair greasy or not, as so many others have done in the past. After just one use I was pleasantly surprised to realise that it didn’t make my hair additionally greasy at all, in fact I think in some ways, it’s almost had the opposite effect and has helped in some ways with the greasy-look my hair often gets during a flair up. I often sleep with this new ginger hair serum in and see no need in the morning to wash my hair , which (I’m sure every gal out their can agree) is a really nice result.

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised with how good this product is and can see me using it more frequently than ever. If it solves an issue that I’ve had for over 10 years then clearly I am sold!

Beky x