Lockdown self care: Top tips to help look after yourself

2020 was hard on us all, and many of us, probably naively, hoped that this year would start off in a much more positive way. Yet, here we are, in lockdown number three – and possibly a much bigger one. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not holding much hope for this only lasting 6 weeks (and I also don’t think it should – don’t hate me). Of course, health is a huge priority. We have seen the massive toll that this terrible virus has on people, and that by staying in, we protect ourselves and others. However, it is important that we also take steps to safeguard our mental health. It can be hard, especially if you are working from home, juggling childcare or homeschooling (thank god for nurseries still being open), missing your friends and family and perhaps experiencing financial difficulties. While no one can wave a magic wand and make things better, there are things that you can do to make it a little easier on yourself and in this blog post, I wanted to look at some simple-to-follow lockdown self care tips to help you to look after yourself during lockdown 2021.

lockdown self care
Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

Connect with a friend or relative

Now, this sounds ridiculous when we are locked down and unable to mix socially with anyone outside of our household. However, we are relatively fortunate that we have a plethora of technology available which allows us to see and talk to our loved ones whenever we want. Set up a family pub quiz night on Zoom once a week, or have a late night chinwag with your best friend on a Whatsapp Call. Okay, so it is not quite the same as seeing them in person and being able to hug and touch them, but for now, it is a reasonable alternative and one that especially with my grandparents, I really cherish right now (and it gives me a big boost).

Give yourself a makeover

It might feel pointless if the only place you can go is to the supermarket and you have to cover half of your face while doing that, but if you are the sort of person who loves to do your hair and makeup (like me), then playing around with it and giving yourself a makeover can be a bit of fun and make you feel good about yourself. Lockdown self care is all about doing what makes you happy after all. Treat yourself to some new skincare and makeup from Colorscience, whack on some music and get yourself all dolled up… for a trip to the supermarket. Yep – I literally get excited about a 5 min drive to Tesco nowadays! 

Eat well

I am not going to lecture you on the importance of eating healthily – everyone by now knows that by eating well, you will feel better. I am especially not the person to tell you to eat healthily right now with how I’ve pigged out the last few months. But what I’m talking about is eating well – something that you enjoy and that you savour. If you usually grab a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps for lunch, spend some time making yourself something delicious and something that you can sit down and really enjoy eating. We can’t go out to eat – so stay in and make yourself a fancy lunch or dinner. Or hell, if you can stretch to it, get yourself that (healthy-ish) takeaway you’ve been eyeing up for the past week. Eat in a way that makes not only your body feel happy but your mind too! We’re in a lockdown for christ’s sake – nobody is blaming you for not eating salad 24/7. Lockdown self care is definitely about making yourself and your mind/body happy. 

Look after your mind

Shutting off from the world is almost something necessary at the moment to just tick along through lockdown. Looking after your mind and keeping it fresh is definitely important during this time. For me, I’ve started blogging again (if you hand’t noticed) and have started reading a lot more too. It’s definitely more difficult having a 3 year old, however I’ve made it a priority to put aside time before bed for reading and time after she’s gone to bed for focusing on the blog. It takes me away from the role of ‘mummy’ almost full time in lockdown and gives me some time to be me, which I definitely don’t think many of us are getting at the moment.

Lockdown can take its toll on people. It’s lonely, it’s worrying and it can be frightening. However, by taking steps to look after your emotional health as well as your physical health, you will make it much easier to deal with and I’m here if anyone wants to chat. 

Stay safe.

Beky x