How to stay healthy on your next holiday | Be safe on holiday

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Staying healthy on vacation can be more difficult than most people realise. It is however, also incredibly important. If you fail to keep your health in check then you could lose a lot of your holiday lying in bed (believe me I’ve been there). And then as well as being a waste of money, it will also cause you to wonder why you bothered going in the first place. With that in mind here are some of the best ways to keep fit healthy and stay safe on holiday! 

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Wear Sunscreen

I literally cannot emphasis this one enough! One of the easiest ways to stay healthy on your next holiday is to make sure that you are using sunscreen. It’s absolutely vital that you don’t leave your skin vulnerable, particularly if you are visiting a tropical destination. If you do then you could wake up one morning and find that your back is red and raw or that like me you have sunstroke!! (not my finest moment two days in to a week-long girls trip). Getting sunburnt is likely to make the rest of your holiday an unpleasant nightmare. There are of course ways to avoid issues with serious burns such as aloe vera. However, you could still end up in quite a lot of pain depending on the level of the burn (or you know, turn orange from drunkenly applying a gradual tanner instead of grabbing the bottle of after sun to your burn like I did…)

A common mistake is not applying extra sunscreen after a long day at a waterpark, in the ocean or in the pool. Don’t forget that you will be washing it off during these activities so it will be nowhere near as effective. I definitely think that since that holiday (and then even more so when I became a mum), making sure I’m topped up with sunscreen is my number 1 priority. Of course, it’s not just about avoiding sun damaged skin. You have to consider the danger of cancer. Skin cancer is quite common and it’s often missed. You need to be careful that you’re watching for moles that look odd and not quite right. If in doubt, it’s always worth visiting a doctor. 


Water Woes

One of the most common health issues that you can develop on vacation would be an ear infection. This is particularly common for those who are visiting somewhere warm like Florida from a cold home country like Britain. It’s possible that it’s the chlorine in the pool that causes the infection or something else entirely. Regardless, ear infections of this variety can be quite serious. They can lead to you developing pain as well as a fever. You could spend at least a couple of days of your holiday in bed which is the last thing that you want. 

If you want to avoid an ear infection and stay safe on holiday, then there are some options that you can explore. For instance, you can think about using ear protectors. These mould to the shape of your ear to ensure that water can’t flow in while swimming. (I use these in the pool always to stop this issue). If you can you should also avoid swimming underwater too. Do be aware that if you do develop an ear infection, then you won’t be able to fly until you have at least partially recovered. Doing so will cause you immense pain that you  will definitely want to avoid. It’s always going to be a nightmare if you have try to fly with a child who has developed an ear infection. 

With the UK having left the EU too, it’s super important you stay healthy as you can on holiday as any hospital trips in Europe (as well as the rest of the world) could be costly!

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Eat Well

Part of the problem of a vacation that throws your health out of whack is that your tight does tend to go out the window. This is a mistake, particularly for long vacations. It’s important to give your body everything it needs for what can be quite a physically strenuous couple of weeks. If, for instance, you go on an urban adventure, then you could find that you walk a few miles each day. If that’s in the sweltering sun, then this can lead to some nasty side effects. 

The good news is that it will be easier than most people realise to keep their diet in check when on holiday. We recommend that you start by researching the places to eat nearby before you travel. That way, you can plan some of the restaurants that you want to visit. Of course, this is a break and you’re allowed to treat yourself, but don’t let it be everyday – or you’re not going to thank yourself. A healthy mix of sweet treats and healthy meals should keep your mind and body happy for the duration! 

Avoid Sun Stroke

Back to my earlier comment again – Sun stroke is another issue that, while it might not seem serious, can 100% spoil your holiday and its not idea! I definitely recommend that you think about avoiding the heat of the day if you’re visiting a hot and humid location. From 12 to 1 try and stay indoors or in the shade, out of the sun. If you are visiting a tropical destination, the best plan will always be to wake up early, enjoy the morning, head back to the hotel in the afternoon and then head back out later on through the day in the cooler evening. Honestly – isn’t that what a siesta is for anyway?! 

As well as this, you do need to make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day (especially when there’s alcohol involved). There’s no set rule on how much water you need to consume, however, going through at least a couple bottles will probably set you on the right path here. A favourite tip of mine is to freeze some water in the bottle before you head out in the morning. By doing this, you can guarantee that it stays cool and keeps you at the right temperature too. You can also think about choosing a backpack with a storage container and a tube so you can drink water on the go. It’s important to build up your electrolytes as soon as you are feeling run down too. Energy drinks can help a great deal here. I’ve definitely learnt my lesson with sunstroke and definitely would never make the same mistakes again! Being out of it and sleeping for the next 4 days of my holiday was definitely not the original plan (sorry Beki!!).

Think About COVID Regulations 

Finally, it would be irresponsible of me to write a post like this right now without mentioning the dreaded ‘rona. It’s important that you are aware of the latest regulations for COVID relating to where you are traveling to. This is obviously a health concern that has only become relevant recently, however, doctors now believe that this is an epidemic and won’t just fade when a vaccine is fully rolled out. It’s something to keep in mind for future trips to stay safe on holiday.

Make sure you’re being sensible and only travel if you’ve taken the right precautions. I personally have a holiday booked for June which I’m hoping we can go on (booked originally for last year and moved to 2021), but if I don’t feel i’ll be safe on holiday , I’ll absolutely be moving it again if I can.

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*This post is collaborative*