How to Boost your income – 3 tips for earning extra this year

2020 was definitely the year of the unknown. Unknown health, unknown future, unknown income. It was the year we all had to change and with that came so much uncertainty in so many areas of our lives. Luckily, my job has been stable, but it’s still been the year of hell for many people and so in that light, I thought I would write a post dedicated to ways you can boost your income in 2021. Whether it be to just help save for that holiday (when we’re finally allowed one), to splash out on a designer goodie for yourself or to save for something bigger like Christmas next year or a even a house, an extra income (especially in this day and age) is always welcomed.

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Your rubbish is another’s treasure

You can boost your income in many ways and the first and probably most simple way is to just de-clutter and sell items you no longer want or need any longer. Having a 3 year old, I often am having clear outs of both clothes and toys and selling these on places like eBay and Facebook market place have earned me quite a nice sum of money over the past year. I also like to do a yearly (or two) car boot sale – usually on the first sunny car boot of the year and also one of the last (if I have enough stuff that is) and then donate or tip any leftover bits after that. And I’m honestly not precious on prices. Of course, first thing in the morning as you’ve just set up, selling bits for a few quid each is more than acceptable, but by mid morning my mantra is ususally ‘everything £1 or 50p’. It’s not always about making tonnes of money at a car boot, but selling your second hand items to other who will cherish them for for a little bit of pocket money. That’s not to say though that I don’t make much… even selling everything for 50p I’ve often come home from a car boot with around £150-200 in my back pocket. It’s definitely worth a morning or two out in a sunny field (again, when we’re allowed of course). I personally cannot wait to get to my first car boot this year!

cashback & ‘save the change’ schemes

Okay so these ones are super simple and actually include you spending money to begin with (you’re welcome) but cashback schemes are SO good. I personally use the ones that my bank offer and have managed to earn around £50 this year from just activating them and shopping as normal. Even just buying a costa sometimes earns me around 5% cashback – and that can definitely add up! It’s technically ‘free money’ for just shopping so if you’re not already on this then come and join in! There are lots of other cashback sites out there too which are really amazing. I’ve recently started using Admiral’s cashback scheme too as it helps me earn cashback to use towards my car insurance next year – which is just fab!

‘Save the change’ schemes are also super good. I bank with Lloyds and they now offer this as part of your standard account that you can ‘opt in’ to. I opted in when this became available to me in October and have since saved £65 with it. It basically just saves the chnage (duh) from every time you shop and puts it into an easily accessible savings account for you. Say I bought a coffee for £3.45 – the remaining £.055 would be transferred into the savings account. It’s amazing how much you don’t miss 50p-£1 per day from your current account and how quickly the change adds up in your savings. I’m personally leaving it all in there so that hopefully by the end of 2021 I have enough saved to treat myself to something extra special. It’s not technically a way to boost your income, but it’s definitely a way to save those all important pennies.

Get yourself a side hustle.

Admittedly this one does sound pretty scary, but for a lot of people out there (myself included) setting up my own business with FM World UK has been one of the best things I’ve done all year to boost my income. I’m in the very early stages of my business with FM but already in just 10 weeks, I’ve earnt over £400 in instant profit and commission from the business and the amount is constantly creeping up. For years I definitely thought that businesses like FM were a scam, but after learning more about them and seeing so many people doing so well with them, I am fully on board. How FM works is super simple too – you sign up for free, sell amazing products (designer inspired perfumes at a fraction of the price being our best sellers) and buy them at cost price to sell on at RRP. Not only do you instantly earn the profit from selling at RRP and buying at cost, but you also earn points on your account from FM and get a proportionate monthly commission paid into your account online. It’s an incredible set up and one I am so glad I joined – already I’m aiming towards my first £500 month and know that the potential for earning is limitless. It’s a side hustle that I’m really enjoying building and one that I’m creating just from my phone and social media. Your earnings are relative to the effort you put in and so far, my effort has been super minimal for incredible rewards. It might not be for everyone, but with it being completely free to sign up and completely free to leave if it’s not for you, then it’s soemthing to definitely try out. I’m actually currently looking for a few people to join my team, so if you’re interested – definitely pop me a message on Instagram!

In a world where nothing makes much sense anymore, getting a hold of a little extra income will always be a welcome addition. Whether you have stuff to sell or join an MLM like FM, it’s a little extra in the pocket which can never be grumbled at. I recently wrote a post about boosting your quality of life and earning a little bit from a side hustle is on there. Take a look here.


Beky x