Fitness activities you can do in winter without the gym

*this post is in collaboration.

If you are keen to embark on a new fitness regime but you are struggling due to gym closures in the midst of the global pandemic, think about having a go at some new winter-specific activities. Having fun while exercising is crucial if you are going to stick to any new routine. You might be eager to exercise more to increase your stamina, to train for an event, or simply to lose a little bit you gained during last month’s festivities. If you want to inject a bit of excitement into your fitness plan, take a look at the fitness activities below


If you enjoy being outside, don’t allow the weather or climate to deter you. Here in the UK, we’re allowed out of our houses for exercise once a day, so why don’t you whip on your thick coat, investigate the range of custom beanies out there to give your outfit a touch of uniqueness and get yourself some waterproof walking boots. Enjoying the countryside scenery in the winter is a joy that many people choose not to behold. You could take a stroll to the park, head to a local beauty spot, or simply enjoy wandering around your local area. If you want some more physical exertion, arrange a hike with some pals at a social distance (if you have somewhere within a 5 mile radius of your house). Hiking is a fantastic way to boost your mood, soak up the natural rays of the sun, and regulate your circadian rhythm. Hiking and walking not only improves your physical health but also has a positive impact on your mental well being. I’ve really enjoyed getting out for walks with my daughter – it’s been a great way for her to get some exercise in too even when we’ve been stuck inside! 

HIIT Indoors

If the weather is atrocious and you don’t fancy catching a chill, don’t use this as an excuse to watch the latest episode of your favourite Netflix box set. Instead, get online and follow a workout online. These millennial style videos can inspire you to enjoy a spot of HIIT. This short high intensity routine is easy to fit into your lockdown lifestyle. You will only need twenty minutes a day to work up a sweat and have your body burning fat. Before long, you can look leaner, fitter and feel healthier than ever because you aren’t succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. HIIT is something that if you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I absolutely love and is something I’ve been doing most days in my garage to keep me exercising throughout lockdown. You don’t even need equipment – just your own body and a space to workout in.

running for beginners


Running is something that I have gotten into again since the New Year. Personally, I find running in the drizzle way more relaxing (if you can call a run that) than I do running in the warmer months. A run in the winter can be a lot muddier though, so make sure you are prepared for getting mucky. Getting out and getting your heart rate going with a slow long jog or a short sprint around your estate can make you feel so much better almost instantly. No matter my mood, getting out for a run has always pumped me with endorphins and made me feel on top of my game for the rest of my day. I recently wrote a blog post on my top tips for beginners to running which is definitely worth a read.


The ultimate winter activity is skiing. Not really for my UK followers but for those of you who live further afield, this one might be for you. If you’re fortunate enough to live close to the slopes or you have recently had an epic downpour of powder, you can whip out your skis and enjoy kicking up the snow. Skiing may seem like a real luxury activity, but it is also effective at toning your thighs and buttocks while giving you a great cardio workout. If you don’t have any chance to head off onto the slopes this year, think about other active ways to enjoy the snow. If you have a young brood in tow, simple snowball fights or sledding can be fun. Head down to the park, enjoy being outdoors, wrap up warm and have some fun in the white stuff. Sometimes the best exercise activities are those that don’t feel like exercise. With winter activities, you have to grasp every snowy chance you can to get out in the white stuff. Build a snowman and enjoy a snow hike or two. My daughter is desperate for it to snow – and although I’m not really a fan, having fun with her will be the best kind of exercise! 

Feeling motivated in the winter months can be tough. However, inject some fun into your workouts to stay fit and healthy in 2021. If anyone has any questions about fitness life in lockdown or how to exercise from home with minimal equipment, please let me know – I’d love to chat!


Beky x

*this post is in collaboration.