Why it’s time to take more fashion risks | Changing your fashion style


We all have our own sense of style and fashion, but sometimes we fall into comfort zones. We wear the same types of outfit on a regular basis, with few changes in color and little changes to the style of clothing we wear. We usually do this because we’re happy with what we are wearing, but if we’re not careful, we can stop being adventurous in our fashion choices. I’ve found myself in this almost fashion-slump in the last couple of years (not so much 2020 as that was basically pyjamas wasn’t it?) but 2019 especially and now looking forward to 2021, it’s something I’d like to address. If you’re relating to this, and if the clothes in your wardrobe look little different to the items you were wearing a year or two ago, perhaps now is the time to change your clothes shopping habits. Here are a few reasons I think it’s a good idea to change your fashion style:

#1: You will be better able to express your individuality

What you wear should be an expression of your tastes, your personality, and your individuality. If your fashion sense already equates to these aspects of you, then fine. But if you’re wearing clothes purely to please others or to follow certain trends, perhaps now is the time to stop. Stop caring about others and choose the clothes and accessories that you have always wanted to wear, but haven’t yet. Think about the colours, styles, and prints that express who you truly are, and replace the items in your wardrobe with those items that reflect your uniqueness. I’ve struggled with this aspect for years and it’s something I’d really like to figure out in 2021. I definitely don’t have the body or effort levels within me to even attempt some of the insta-worthy fashion style trends, but I do want to be more than just a ‘jeans and tee’ girl.

fashion styles
My comfort zone is ‘comfy’

#2: You will be able to showcase your creative side

Instead of becoming staid and boring with your fashion style, try to be a little more creative. Mix and match the items you see on the clothing racks in your favorite store and experiment with different looks. You may well create a brand new look, one that others will pick up on and follow, so don’t be afraid to wear the combination that you have come up with. 


#3: People will notice you

If you want to make a statement when you’re out and about, wear something bold and daring. Be outrageous if you want to and wear something bright and flamboyant, or be more subtle but still wear outfits that will make others sit up and take notice. Consider your accessories too, and wear something that will catch the eye of others. Be it a lip piercing, a set of long dangly earrings, or a sparkly necklace below your chin line, wear these things with pride and enjoy the attention you receive. I’ve never really bothered much with jewellery, but in 2021, accessories are something I really want to make more of an effort with. 

change up your fashion style
Jeans and a nice tee is what i live in, in 2018/19!

#4: You might find a style that suits you better

You might be content with what you’re wearing now, but what if there was a style that could offer you more? If you don’t take the risk and try something new you will never know the answer, so don’t always head to the same clothing rack in the fashion store. Pick out something new, look at yourself in the changing room mirror, and if you fall in love with what you’re wearing, go for it! You will give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life if you do, and you will overcome your fear to go for something different. I honestly get my boyfriend to pick clothes out for me when we go shopping sometimes and his more out-there choices always surprise me when I try them on – he definitely picks better clothes for me than I do! Not that I’m going to give him full reign on my wardrobe this year, but I might take his thoughts into consideration a little more! 

So, could you take more fashion risks in your life? I’ve illustrated just a few reasons why you might, so give it some thought the next time you’re on the hunt for new clothes. 


Beky x


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