The best fitness apps for home workouts during lockdown

Since we’re in yet another lockdown and gyms are closed, more and more people will be looking to exercise at home once again. Home workouts can be absolutely amazing and since running just isn’t for everyone I wanted to give you the low-down on all of the fitness apps that I’ve tried in the past couple of years and give you a /10 rating to help you decide fully on which on to go for

*Quick disclaimer – I am not associated in any way with the below apps*

fitness apps for home workouts



Monthly – £19.99 (7 day free trial)

Results. Wellness. Lifestyle. (formerly Results with Lucy) is an app / platform that many of my blog followers will probably already be aware of as I used to be an ambassador for them. I reviewed a lot of their plans from 2013, including their post-natal fitness plan which I used after giving birth to my daughter. Since then the app has grown into something bigger and better and includes so much more than just fitness videos and plans. Their recipes and wellness features including recipes for every different dietary requirement you can think of and talks and lives on anxiety and ways to help your mental health are all included in your subscription. As an app fully designed for working out from home, this one really will have you covered for lockdown.

The plans on RWL are and always have been really great for getting results. With over 1000+ workout videos available as part of your monthly fee  (including barre, yoga, HIIT, boxing and more) and workout plans ranging from ‘New Beginnings’ to ‘HIIT Harder’ and beyond that progressively get more challenging as the weeks go on, there’s something for everyone with RWL. You can find some of my more in-depth reviews on the blog to see which you may be interested in trying first.

RWL has something for everyone and with exercise plans for so many different stages of your life / fitness journey it’s probably the most versatile platform out there. Personally, I’d recommend this one to anyone who is pregnant, just had a baby or is easing themselves back into fitness after injury or a break (of course, please do make sure you’ve consulted a doctor first).



Currently: Monthly – £4.99 / quarterly (3 months) – £12.49 / annually £39.99.

This is the app I have most recently just signed up to again (I like to do a monthly subscription to all of these apps so that I can chop and change depending on what kind of workout I’d like / when I get a bit bored of the fitness apps). They currently have a 50% off flash sale happening which ends sometime tomorrow (05/1) so if this is the app for you. Go subscribe now!!

This app is pretty darn great and one that I was super hyped for before it’s launch at the tail end of 2019. It’s founded by fitness influencer Grace Beverley who has been an inspiration of mine for years and is completely tailored to what you want/need. Whether you’re in the gym (or have equipment at home to do gym-style workouts) or prefer at home, no equipment workouts, this is an app that is geared up for anything. What’s better still is that you can chop and change between plans depending on the situation you’re in.

For lockdown / home workouts, there are 6 guides to choose from (unless you’re lucky enough to have gym equipment at home) that cater for a whole range of workout styles. Shreddy10 and Shreddy20 (and their ‘level’ 2 variations) are quick fire HIIT workouts for either 10/20 minutes each day that focus fully on bodyweight exercises and killing you off quickly. Perfect for a before work sweat sesh or a lunch time blast. Their 2 home guides ‘Home Fat Loss’ and ‘Home Tone Up’ are another two guides that are again completely different and tailored to the results you’d ideally like from the workouts. Both circuit based, they are perfect for those who want to lose fat or maintain and tone. With built-in timers and space to record your reps / weights used for you to track progress it’s really got everything you need.

I actually love Shreddy and think it’s probably one of the best fitness apps around for an all-over fitness approach (and it’s bloody banging for when we can finally get back in the gym). It also has amazing meal plans / recipes (all vegan / plant based that you can easily adapt if you do eat meat) and they run challenges every few months for just taking part in workouts where you can win anything from a MacBook to £1000 cash!



Monthly – £14.99 Annually – £116.99

Alive by Whitney Simmons is another app founded by a fitness influencer. This is the app that I have most recently used (you know, before I became a slob for the start of winter) and is one that I really loved for equipment based workouts. Having been lucky enough to have bought myself a rough gym set up at the beginning of the first lockdown last year, I was able to use a lot of the gym-based plans on the app (which I would highly rate a 9/10), but for those of you who are lacking cable machines and barbells, this app also has some fab HIIT workout plans too.

Alive Inside and Alive Inside 2.0 are the perfect HIIT workout plans for those of you wanting to sweat it out at home. They all follow a circuit style and include a timer for each workout and videos that automatically play at the same time to show you exactly how to do the exercise. There’s also a handy feature that allows you to track the workout on your Apple watch or Health app. Alive 1.0 and Alive Strong are also amazing plans which include some small weights  and honestly whether you have ‘proper’ weights or not, are exercises you could easily do with bottles of water / a tin of baked beans (I know it sounds stupid, but anything will do).

What I also love about this app is that it doesn’t contain your ‘bog standard’ exercises such as squats and lunges etc etc snore snore… but that it has a range of ‘fun’ exercises (I mean if you can call an exercise fun) which are different from the norm and actually make it a little more challenging and enjoyable to do. Plus the exercises rarely last more than 40 seconds at a time, so you can’t really grumble at that.

Alive by Whitney Simmons is also one of the few fitness apps that I’ve come across that have a section for journalling / keeping track of your mental health and mood. It’s a really useful tool which I think will be a massive help to a lot of people at the moment.

Having tried all three of these fitness apps myself, I can guarantee that with any that you choose, you’ll not be disappointed. Keeping moving during the next few weeks will have a super positive impact on your mental health and hell, we all could do with a bit of positivity at the moment.

If anyone has any questions about any of the above, or if anyone just wants to chat then please do pop me a message!

Stay safe.

Beky x