How to help your mind and body recover after a hefty workout!

If you’ve worked out well for a few days – or even for one huge session – you’ll feel it later on in the day and for a few days afterward. If you’re a newbie, this kind of tiredness and soreness will be even more significant and strenuous because you’re not used to the sensations. Fatiguing and feeling like you need all the rest in the world after a workout is very common, so you should embrace it and take it as a sign that you’ve done a good job. Whether you’ve been running, lifting weights, or trying your hand at a little yoga, you should feel proud of your physical achievements. Honestly after a while, I start to love the aches and pains that come with a hefty workout because it means you worked!

how to recover from a hefty workout

When you’re trying to get fitter in order to boost your fitness goals or if you’re trying to look better (or both), you need to put a lot of emphasis on the recovery side of things. While it may not seem as glamorous as the actual workouts and the fun parts, resting matters an awful lot (something I’ve only recently realised in the past few months). Sitting around and not working out is typically what gets you into trouble regarding your fitness and your shape, but it’s perfectly fine when you’ve been active and worked hard in the ultra-recent past. 

How can you help your mind and body to recover perfectly, then? Well, everyone’s body is different and we all like different things, so not every method is going to suit you. What works amazingly for your friend might be horrendous and detrimental to you. Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple. The body doesn’t need to be over-examined and made into a complicated thing because nature already did that for us! Here are some ideas for you: 

Eat Enough To Fill Your Belly

If you’re looking to lose weight or get into a particular shape, then it can be easy to elect to eat fewer calories or something tricky. You get the idea into your head that you should eat to suit what you’re aiming for. The truth, however, is that you need to replenish the energy you have exerted from your workout. Working out and then not restoring your energy levels can cause issues for you mentally and physically. Sure, a calorie deficit is necessary if you want to lose weight, but it should be a slow transition over time. Make sure you eat when you’re hungry as it is vitally important. This is something I’ve struggled with for a while, (over-eating and under-eating), It seems silly but if you’re working hard, you have  to fuel yourself!


Drink Plenty Of Water

We’re pretty much made up of water, so we all need to ensure that we’re getting more than enough of it. When we are dehydrated, we end up feeling down and making silly errors in our day-to-day lives. This becomes infinitely more significant after a workout or a heavy day because we’re a lot more drained. You will lose a lot of water during a workout, so you need to make sure that you’re replenishing your body in this regard, too. I aim for 2-3 litres a day (which is easier said than done) so always keep a bottle with me, even if it’s not a work out day. 


Look After Your Face!

When you’ve been working out a lot and you lose a lot of water, etc. your face can become somewhat of a victim. The dryness can cause all kinds of issues and the sweat you lose, if not cleaned properly, might do so, too. To avoid getting things like dry skin and lips, you can use things like vegan lip balm and plenty of other skin products in order to smooth things over. Think also about the bacteria you receive in a gym when you touch the equipment that others have used. Now, you don’t need to become a complete clean-freak, but think about washing your hands and face before and afterward! Especially in today’s times, ensuring you properly wash your hands or sanitise between equipment is so essential. 



If you really want to recover quickly and in a way that professional athletes do, then you might want to ice those muscles. Icing increases the recovery speed and, while it’s horrible at first, it’s something you can quickly get used to. I like to use cooling gels too on areas that  I know are ‘problem’ areas before a workout to help with recovery.  Stretching is also a decent way of speeding up muscle recovery – but you obviously have to be careful as you could stretch a little too far. 


Rest And Relax As Much As You Can

It can be tempting to avoid the day off you planned because you want to smash a PB or feel good to go for another workout, but the best thing to do after a hefty few days, however, is to literally rest and enjoy not moving as strenuously. If you continually stop your body from repairing and growing, then you won’t be able to become the fit person you strive to be. It’s sort of counterintuitive because the idea of lying around and being a little lazier is linked with being unfit, but it’s allowed when you need to recover. 

I have been so super lazy the last couple of weeks and I am sooo ready to start hard again after Christmas! I’ll definitely be keeping this post in mind when I get the DOMS of training for the first time in a while!!


* this post is a collaborative post.