My Top Christmas gifts ideas for 2020

It’s almost Christmas and this year I wanted to round up another post for Christmas Gift ideas. This year I’ve definitely wanted to hold back a little on my Christmas shopping and although that mainly has a lot to do with todays climate and not wanting to physically go shopping as much as I may have done in the previous years, it’s also had a lot to do with wanting to reduce the amount of unnecessary gifts that I buy people. I’ve always loved being a generous auntie and Mummy and Christmas is one of my favourite times of the years to go crazy with my gifting. I’m not saying I want to reign myself in on splashing out, don’t get me wrong – I do probably need to stop spending money too, but when it comes to my loved ones, I don’t like to cap myself too much. What I mean is that this year, I want to stop the unnecessary spending on tat or little presents that go un-used or under-appreciated and focus on maybe just one or two gifts that are that little more luxurious.

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I always think a watch is a lovely item and in my opinion it’s not something that people to tend spend too much money on for themselves ever. This Nordgreen 5 link watch* is the perfect gifting item for a loved one and this year (spoiler alert) I am gifting this one to my mum. It’s that little more pricey at just under £200, however it’s something that I know will last her years and that she will wear every day where she can. The Nordgreen watches are a fabulous, luxurious Christmas gift idea and one that I think, your loved ones will really appreciate.

Another item top of my Christmas gift ideas is a handbag – we all know us girls love a good handbag – and one like this Parlan backpack* from Gaston Luga is just perfect. The Parlan is made with water-resistant nylon and is stylish yet practical, ready to hold A5 documents as well as having a secret pocket at the back for your most precious valuables. Honestly, I think I’ll be keeping this one for myself as I love it so much, but at £95 (currently available at 30% off with my code BekyLou10 and their Black Friday 20% off deals) it’s a fabulous gift at an even better price point. I’ve been using this one so much (mostly on my weekly Aldi food shopping trips – thanks Lockdown) and have been really loving how stylish and practical it is.

Christmas gift ideaschristmas gift ideas

Fragrances are always an appreciated gift for my loved ones and I’m sure they are for yours too; this year though I’m going to save my money on these items and purchase from Federico Mahora – a brand that at a fraction of the price, produces designer inspired fragrances which are extremely similar to those of bigger branded names on the market. My personal favourites are the Pure Royal fragrance in 809 and the Pure fragrances in 20 and 413, all of which are extremely similar to some of my designer favourites. All scents are 20% perfume oil and come in 50ml with starting prices as little as £16.90. These are beautiful gifts for both the men and women in my life and at such a good price, is something I can gift luxury for to all. If you have a favourite designer scent, definitely take a peep at Federico Mahora via my Facebook Page to see if they have a match. Black Fridays deals are now on!

christmas gift ideas

Another gift which is slightly more sentimental that always goes down a treat is a personalised gift such as a canvas or calendar. I love sending gifts like this with photos of my daughter to family and think they’re always well appreciated. Obviously you’re not going to go sending a canvas of your son/daughter to your neighbour, but for close family, they’re an amazing gift, especially if you can get a photo of them with your child. It’s my go-to for every Christmas and a great way to share memories that will last. Madison being 3, I hopefully have many more years of being able to chose this as an option for relatives.

This year my boyfriend and I have also decided to give each other a little nudge on Christmas gift ideas for each other. And by that I mean, we’ve got completely no clue and have both asked for something specific. It takes a little of the surprise out of things, granted, but when we’re looking to spend a larger amount on each other, I feel it’s always best to have a really good idea of what the other person would like. For me, this was a pair of Ugg Slippers and for him, a Barbour coat. Both not things that are cheap by any means, but a great investment that should hopefully last us both quite a long time (and i mean you always have to weigh up the £-per-use of an item haven’t you!).

Are you going for more thought-out, pricier gifts that will last this year?

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Beky xox

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