Running update – My progress & Game Changing Products

I’ve been running now for around 8 weeks and I have to say that in that time I’ve slowly started to look forward to my weekly runs. At the moment I’m still only doing one a week, with my Dad on a Thursday lunch break and although I’m still not a big fan of running, I think the quality time with him is what keeps me going. We’ll be upping to two runs a week from the 22nd October, which I’m equally dreading and kind of looking forward to. The past 8 weeks have not been easy and getting back into running has not been the breeze I thought it may be, but I think I’m definitely starting to find my rhythm with it and I think you can see that from my improvement.


There are 5 things I’ve realised / learnt since I started running again and those are:

  • My knees are shit  – Since being pregnant I’ve known my knees haven’t been fab, but running has really proven that to me.
  • You really need to stretch before you run – cramp in your calves is not fun.
  • I can do it.
  • I feel incredible after I’ve finished a run (and smashed my last time)
  • No matter how much I complain on the way round, Dad won’t let me quit. (I secretly love him for that).

The main thing that has been making my runs painful has been my knees (and occasionally my ankles and the fact that I forget to stretch to start with -oops), however for my last two runs, I’ve been using the Sorbothane Sorb Pro insoles in my trainers and they have honestly been a complete game changer for me. I didn’t realise how much they could effect my running until I used them and saw the results for myself. They completely remove and absorb the impact from striking on my heel as I run which has in turn removed the strain on my ankle and knee (both on my left leg); the pain in my last run that I had was almost imaginary compared to the physical pains which I had before that and how they really effected my time and how many times I stopped on route. For my last two runs I’ve ran the whole 5K (and a bit) without stopping to walk off cramp or stretch out my joints and I’ve felt so bloody proud of myself for it and so good for it. The Sorbothane insoles so far have been worth their absolute weight in gold and I definitely won’t be running without them in again! Designed to help you achieve ultimate performance, Sorbo Pro helps support, align and cushion the sole to help address strains on muscles and ligaments, which has definitely been needed with me. Nobody tells you the real after-affects of having a baby! I never though my knees would be shot so soon!


Another magical product that I’ve been using, not only when I run but before and after most of my workouts recently has been Biofreeze. I’ve spoken about this stuff on my Instagram stories quite a bit recently and before on my blog in a ‘what’s in my gym bag‘ blog post (would you like an updated one of those btw?) but I’m going to keep shouting about it from the rooftops because you need to know about it. Biofreeze is my new best friend and is something, as I’ve just mentioned, that I’ve started using for before most of my workouts. I never really had any issues like this before I got pregnant but since I carried Madison around in my belly for 9 months, I’ve really struggled with my knees  and when you exercise a lot that can really become quite a bit of an issue. It’s made me realise really how important stretching and giving my body a rest is and Biofreeze has become a big part of that. I mean, I’m bloody 23 for Christ’s sake (24 on Halloween), I can’t be having knee problems now! Anyway, I cannot recommend Biofreeze enough and I definitely need to buy it by the bucketload so that I’m prepared for every occasion.  When I’m running especially, it feels a little tingly and cold and works by reducing the skin temperature, reducing blood flow and inflammation so that the body can work to repair itself. It’s been found to be just as effective as ice but with the ease of still being able to work out and live normally whilst it works.  It works a miracle and I definitely don’t think my running journey would be coming along as nicely without it.

Speaking of my running journey, I wanted to let you know how I’m getting on. Since my Running guide for Beginners post, I’ve had quite a few questions about how I’m getting on and so I thought I’d give you an update.

Now, I must admit that if I didn’t have my dad to run with, I would not have results anywhere near as good as I have been getting. This will probably end up as a daddy appreciation post if I go on too much but basically my Dad is my biggest fan and pushes me to be the best I can be on every single run. He trains me really well, increases my runs in the best, most achievable ways and I couldn’t thank him enough if I tried for pushing me and helping me with my running. It’s not a great personal trait of mine, but I do feel like I’ve always sought his praise and approval and with running, because he’s such a big runner and it’s such a massive part of his life, it’s always something that I’ve really wanted to be good at and for him to be proud of me for. I’m not a good runner by any means and I don’t think I ever will be, but he pushes me and teaches me in the best way and because of that I feel like I’m making some really great progress… So without further ado.. Here are the results from 5 of my past runs…

Date : 16th August

Total Distance – 3.39 miles / Time 40.49 Minutes

Date : 30th August

Total Distance – 3.39 miles / Time 39.05 Minutes

Date : 6th September

Total Distance – 3.39 Miles / Time 36 Minutes

Date : 4th October

Total Distance : 3.25 Miles / Time 34.29 Minutes

Date : 11th October

Total Distance – 3.39 Miles / Time 34.53 Minutes


I know there are some pretty big gaps in there, but these are the only times Dad has sent me and that I know for sure. I’m so proud of myself for the 6 minutes I’ve shaved from my original time of 40.49 Minutes down to 34.53 in just 2 months and although it’s tough and I don’t find running easy by any means, I’m looking forward to improving my times and distances soon. What started as just wanting to get back into running to try and lose the last bit of weight I have on my belly and thighs has become an attempt at doing a 10K race in March / April next year and although I’m scared shitless of that distance right now, I really do hope it’s something I manage to complete! I’ll try and keep you all updated on how I get on!

Have any of you started running lately? How are you getting on?