An Ode to the Beautyblender

Okay so I’m not the poem writing type, but I thought the title was pretty apt for how I feel about the Beautyblender.

When it comes to applying my makeup, there really is only one option for me. I have been a lover of the Beautyblender since I received one in a Birchbox or something around 3 years ago and since then I just can’t get enough of the way it applies my favourite products and how my skin looks once I’ve used it. Yes, it’s seen as an ‘expensive’ product but at £16 for something that lasts quite a few months (if you look after it properly) I personally see it as really well priced. I know there are quite a few dupes out there, but for me, absolutely nothing compares to the Beautyblender.

beauty blender

Why the Beauty Blender is my favourite…

This one is pretty simple to answer to be honest with you: it’s the best way I’ve found to blend my foundation, concealer etc onto my skin without any streaks and it’s always been the quickest way to get it all done for me. Gone are the days of me having time to luxuriously sit around at my beauty table and take hours to do my face for the day, now it’s all about the bag of makeup on my lap (ransacked by Madison and strewn around my bedroom every time), in front of the mirror in my bedroom, sat on the floor when I probably have around 5 minutes before she gets arsey with me for not playing with her. The beauty blender makes this so much easier for me because it’s just an all around product that can be used to apply pretty much anything.

How I use the Beautyblender

As I’m not typically wearing much makeup at the moment, I usually use the tapered ‘pointy’ end for my concealer and the fatter bottom part of the beautyblender to use for my cream contour. I haven’t worn foundation for months now but when I do wear it, I much prefer using a Beautyblender to blend it all in. I’ve also used it for applying powder (when I very rarely wear it) and it’s just the easiest thing for it. I have to admit I’m not that creative as I only apply the ‘basics’ nowadays when it comes to makeup, but for my base, I pretty much only use the Beautyblender – it’s such a universal product!

beauty blender

How I clean my Beautyblender…

I have to admit I’ve never tried the Beautyblender bar soap that the brand also sell, I’ve always just used Johnson’s baby shampoo and find it the easiest and most effective way to clean it. I’m pretty good and wash it before every use (something I cannot say for the makeup brushes that haven’t been washed in months -oops!) but when it’s this easy, there’s really no excuse. Because of the way I wash it, it definitely lasts me a lot longer too and I can probably get a good 6-9 months out of each Beauty Blender I buy. Washing with baby shampoo is so easy (and yes, I find that only Johnson’s baby shampoo will do) and all it takes is a little drop with water and a good ‘massage’ and it’s good to go.

Do you love the Original Beautyblender or are you more of a dupe kinda gal?

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