My Favourite Express workout & my new favourite gym leggings!

Due to the fact that I have now lost most of the baby fat (read about how I’ve not lost the baby ‘weight’ in my last blog post here) and am now down to a size 10, to cut away the last bit of post-baby flab and tone the F up I’ve really started to focus my workouts on specific areas of my body that I’m wanting to target. The ‘pouch’ is most definitely still there and my belly needs a really good toning so along with wanting to work more on my thighs (don’t you little angels worry, there are some quad-busters in this too) I thought I’d let you all know my favourite express workout for a quick 20-30 minute blitz of the core and those thighs!

As always, I’ve made sure that everything that I’m telling you in this blog post has been read over by my PT first to make sure it’s all correct – but please remember that I am not a fitness professional and am in no way qualified!

Right, disclaimer over let’s get into the exercises!

express workout

T Press Ups – Express workout faves!

A T Press up is no way near as scary as it seems but is definitely 100% hardcore for your abs and obliques. Starting in a fully extended plank (arms straight), alternatively put one hand in the air whilst trying not to twist your body too much. Stretch up for a few seconds, keeping the core tight and then return to your extended plank, ready to go for the next side!

10 of these each side please!

express workoutexpress workout

Plank shoulder taps – amazing for strengthening your core!

Start off in a high plank (arms fully extended) and alternatively tap your shoulders, ensuring your tummy is sucked in tight, belly button is pulled back and your hips are kept low (lower than mine in this photo – my hip flexors have been a bit tight lately). Engage that core!! You want to try and not twist your hips as you move your arms – keep it still and controlled! These seem simple but are an absolute killer – you definitely don’t want to under estimate them!

Do 20 of these per side!

Toe Taps – An absolute core killer (not as easy as they sound!)

Toe taps sound easy, but when you’re lead on your back, legs straight up in the air, toes flexed and you have to crunch up to touch your toes, they suddenly become a hell of a lot harder!! A top tip is to take your time with these ones because the slower you go, the more your core will feel the burn and your abs will really be worked! Get as straight up as you can, but if you’re new to this then start low and work your way to the top!

Aim for 20 of these bad boys!

express workoutexpress workout

Squats, Squats, Squats!

You didn’t think I’d show you guys my express workout without including squats did you? Squats are an essential part of any of my workouts and my express workout is not complete without them. Start with a narrow squat, feet close together and squat back, pushing down on your heels and bum and go as low as you go, making sure your keeping your chest and head held high. Then step out a little so that your feet are hip-width apart and squat low again. Finally step out into a sumo squat, legs wide with your feet slight pointed out, squat low into your bum and you’re sure to feel the burn in those inner thighs! Repeat this over and over!

20 times x narrow, normal, sumo!

Mountain Climbers – the worst thing in the world / express workout must-haves.

I HATE mountain climbers with a passion, but I know what’s good for me. These babies burn like a bitch and wouldn’t be quite so good for you if they didn’t. Start off in an extended plank, arms tall and quickly bring one knee into your chest and then switch. Just like you’re running up a mountain – well, kind of! Keep that booty low and your core engaged and you’ll feel the burn in your abs. These are an essential for any express workout as they get the job done!

Smash out 20 per leg!

express workout express workout

Lunge Jumps – The devil’s idea of a good time.

No express workout would be a killer session without lunge jumps. They are the devil’s idea of a good time and not something I’m ever happy to complete, but as with the mountain climbers, they’re bloody good for you. Start off in your bog-standard lunge position, sitting into your heel and then explode up to change legs. Keep the lunge deep – knee-to-floor and sit into your bum to keep the depth in it and the pressure off of your front knee. Keep low and explode with energy!

10 per leg of these!

Tricep Press Up – Bingo wings BE GONE!

Now, I’d 100% recommend doing these on your knees because believe me when I say, these are no fun at all. Forget your regular press up, these are horrible and kill off your triceps in one fail swoop. I can now do about 5 of these with my legs extended, but always aim to do these on my knees as getting your form right and doing these properly is far better for you than smashing out 10 shit ones, fully extended. For these you want to put your palms face down in front of you, shoulder width apart and press your elbows into your sides. Keep them close to you at all time! Lower yourself into a press up, focusing on keeping those elbows low and tight and then press back up, engaging your core and not rolling your body – this ain’t the worm! T

hese are killer, so aim for 5-8 and getting them spot on!

My usual express workout format is:

Repeat 2-3 times.

T Press Ups x10 per side

Shoulder taps x20 per side

Toe Taps x20

Narrow, Normal, Sumo squats x20 repetitions

Mountain Climbers x20 per side

Lunge Jumps x 10 per leg

Tricep Press Ups x5-8 (nail them)

Now, onto the fashion part!

I’ve actually spoken about these leggings before in my ‘beginners guide to running‘ but I definitely did not give them enough credit. These 3/4 sprint leggings are from Bellum Active and although I’d never heard of the brand before I received them, they’re now possibly one of my favourite brands for active wear leggings.

Here’s a couple of reasons as to why:

  • They pass the squat test with flying colours
  • Have you seen the print on them??? *insert dreamy heart-eye emoji here*
  • They have an adjustable waist for when you work your butt off (literally) and lose them inches
  •  They wash really well and dry super quick (for all of those quick turnaround workouts you do)
  • They’re the perfect thickness for working out in; easy movement, not too thick, not too thin (refer back to point 1)
  • The waist band is perfect for sucking in that tummy and giving you an enviable physique (if only that stayed when you’re not wearing them).

They’re now my go-to pair of leggings for any kind of work out and I just know that they’re the kind of pair to really test the tale of time. I can’t wait to get my hands on another pair of their leggings and even try their other bits too – I’m so impressed with the quality of them and cannot get enough of how I feel in them.

*note to reader – make sure you size up in these as the waist band is suuper tight and really does not budge! I’m usually a S and got a M in these and they fit perfectly!*

I really hope you liked this post! I’m hoping to do a ‘Working Mum Workout routine’ soon, so make sure to keep following for that one! Let me know what other fitness posts you’d like too as I’d love to create content you guys are wanting!

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  1. August 29, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    This sounds like a killer workout! I’ve been looking for a good express workout – totally pinning this!

    • beky
      August 29, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      Aww thank you that’s SO kind. Let me know what other kinds of workouts you’d like to see!