A Beginners Guide to Running (and what to wear)

I’ve always had runners around me and although I’ve never particularly enjoyed running myself, I’m so aware of how amazing it could be for my body and for that last little bit of weight loss / toning up that I’m now wanting to do post-baby. If you’ve read my most recent post-natal fitness blog post, then you’ll know that I’ve lost an amazing 3 dress sizes in 8 months (and if not then you can read it here) and how I’m now on the final push to get rid of the last bits of fat that I’m holding around my thighs and stomach. I’ve never been great at running (I think I can thank my asthma for that) but now that I’ve had Madison and my workout routine is pretty spot on, I really want to get back into it and give it another go… Yep, I’ve done this before! And what better blog post to write next than my Beginners guide to running…

running shoes

A beginners guide to running: The footwear

It probably seems like an obvious one but when it comes to running your shoes are your main priority; go running in the wrong ones and you could end up in all sorts of pain with all kinds of problems. Having worked in my family’s running shop for around 5 years I like to think I know a thing or two about running shoes and so here is my top tip on getting the right ones for you. Make sure you hit up a retailer where you can have your gait analysed; essentially this is the way you run and whether you over or under pronate can make a big difference to the type of running shoes you’ll need to get. I have a pretty neutral gate and don’t tend to overly roll my foot in or out when I run and so the Saucony Triumph ISO4’s are perfect for me. Having the right amount of support in your running shoes is essential and can really prevent any injuries you may obtain otherwise. You also want to make sure you have plenty of room up front in the toe area because otherwise – ouch!

The Saucony Triumph ISO4‘s have been a great shoe for me to get me back into my running and are just so comfortable and light-weight for running over trail as well as on road. They’re £140, but when it comes to preventing yourself from injury and ensuring you’re well equipped for your new sport of choice, it’s well worth the investment.

running shoes

The Beginners guide to Running: What to Wear

You may think this is a silly sub-heading and point to make because surely you could just wear anything? But when it comes to running you’re going to want to make sure you’re comfortable and able to easily move. Running is an intense form of exercise and believe me, if you’re wearing the wrong clothing, you’ll know about it. Making sure you have a supportive sports bra is essential, you do not want your boobs bouncing around all over the place as your running – it is painful! Ensuring you have a supportive bra that really holds those suckers down is going to be the second best thing you do before you even set foot out on your first run. I have a few that I love for running and also sometimes size down to make sure they really aren’t going to budge!

In terms of socks you’ll also want a pair of double skin socks. I have a pair of Nike double layer ones on here and I love them as they really help to prevent your shoes and feet from rubbing which in the end does stop blisters. Nobody wants blisters on their feet, do they?!

For my leggings I like a thick pair that suck me in really well. This pair of Sprint Capri’s from Bellum Active are amazing because they have such a supportive waistband and are a good thickness (you know, not too thick that you can barely move, but thick enough that my thighs aren’t going to rub a hole in them). They don’t slip down when I run and really let me move freely which is perfect! I’ll have another post featuring these babies soon too!

Keeping my hair off of my face is also a massive priority when I go for a run; I absolutely hate the feel of hair sticking to me and so love to shove it up out of the way. I’ve found Scünci‘s products including their extra grip head bands and big jaw grips have been amazing for this! They have a fab sports range too and you should be able to find most of their products in Primark!

The Beginners guide to Running: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take water with you on a run, especially if it’s not something you usually do. Your body will need the extra hydration, even if it’s just a short run that you go on. I love to take my BKR with me to the gym and on runs as it has an easy grip handle and stores lots of water; it’s also a glass bottle so although it’s a little heavier to carry with me, it’s the perfect bottle to take – especially with this cute pink stud design that I have.

running shoes

The Beginners Guide to Running: Track your run!

It may not seem like the be-all and end-all when you first start out but tracking your run with an app like Nike+ or your Fitbit / Apple Watch can really help motivate you as well as tracking your distance and average pace. Not only does it help tell you how far you’ve actually run, but your timings including miles / kilometres and overall pace can be tracked too. I find Nike+ extremely helpful for me and love that you can see where you’ve ran and how quickly. Of course, when you first start out it’s not going to be a sprint and timing won’t really matter, but having the information there to motivate yourself with to beat it next time can be quite helpful. Even if I shaved a second or two off of my 5k time I’ve always been pretty chuffed! It definitely gives you something new to aim towards.

The Beginners Guide to Running: Couch to 5k

Although my Dad is a huge fan of running (I’m talking chairperson of the local running club level here) it’s never really felt like it’s ran in my bones (haha). To get myself motivated and into running at a pace which hasn’t broken me or completely put me off all together, I’ve used the Couch to 5k app. It’s an app designed by the NHS to get people running 5k in 9 weeks. With just 3 runs per week it gets you off your bum and out in the open air where you can start to build yourself up to a 5 kilometre run. I found this incredibly helpful to get me running and found it really helped me with my breathing techniques and the distances that I could run without stopping. It basically guides you through your headphones and tells you when to run and when to walk, usually starting with a brisk 5 minute walk and then a minute of running to a a minute and a half of walking for 20 minutes in week one to a 5 minute walk and 30 minutes of running by week 9. It’s an amazing app and one I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get into running.

Do you like running? Do you have any tips you’d put into your “beginners guide to running”?

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  1. August 10, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    Love this! I just started running again and find it to be almost like a meditation for myself!

    • beky
      August 10, 2018 / 7:35 pm

      I think that too! It’s so nice to just switch off and go

  2. August 22, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    Love it! Baby steps for me – I’ll be power walking first ha!
    xo Leros | AboutEos