The top 5 Sheet Masks for glowing, blemish-free skin

Sheet masks were never really something I was drawn to when looking for a good face mask and although I’ve bought some in the past, been very generously sent some to try out and even tried a couple out, they’ve never been something I’ve raved about before. I’d much rather smooth on a clay mask and visibly see the effects of it working than a sheet mask. This was however, until recently; I realised how many sheet masks I’d actually accumulated over that last two years and really wanted to start giving them the time of day again. I’m now in love. So here are my top 5 brands for sheet masks.

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It’s no surprise that Sephora sheet masks are up there in my favourite 5. Everyone raves about them and of course I had to join the bandwagon and buy some when I was out in America two years ago. I love the way you can buy different ones for almost every different type of skin problem / need and they feel absolutely amazing on your skin. I specifically love the Rose mask (strange as I hate the scent of rose); it’s the most moisturising thing ever and I can’t get enough of it.


I absolutely love MasqueBar and their unique sheet masks. As I mentioned above, the cult favourite sheet face mask has never really been one I’ve been interested in in the past, but these ones definitely change my mind about them. Not only amazing for your skin in lots of different ways, but they’re really fun masks – if that makes any sense! I’ve tried quite a few of these masks and I have to say that the Charcoal face mask has to be my favourite, it brings out all of the impurities and gives my face a complete re-fresh. If you read my blog regularly (or as regularly as I’ve been posting recently) then you’ll know I’m a massive fan of charcoal in beauty and this face mask is no different to that; I LOVE it. The Green Tea sheet masks are also fab for when I feel like I need a good ol’ pamper!

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Skin Republic

Skin Republic are not a brand that I’d heard much of before kindly being gifted some to try out, but since receiving them I’ve repurchased them quite a few times; the Gold Hydrogel face mask sheet in particular as it’s such a unique product and I feel it does wonders for my skin. Instead of your typical paper sheet mask, the hydrogel mask is literally what it says on the packet, it’s a thicker gel consistency sheet mask which is infused with serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (which I am all here for) – I feel like my skin feels a lot tighter and more radiant when I’ve used this one!


We’ve all heard of the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks and although I think I’m a little allergic to something in these, they have to be in my top 5 favourites. When my skin is feeling dry and a little worn out or tired, I love popping on one of these to get an all over surge of moisture into my skin. For me, this does tingle pretty bad because, like I said, I think I’m a little bit allergic to something in it, but for the results, 10-15 minutes of tingle is nothing (and so far *fingers crossed* I’ve had no other side effects). I repurchase this one constantly!

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Last but not least is spacemaks and I know this isn’t necessarily a sheet face mask, but as you do apply it onto your face like you would a sheet mask, I’m allowing it. I LOVE these for when I am just needing a massive wind-down pamper. Maybe when I’ve had a tough mum day or a night out etc, I love popping in the bath or lying in bed with some chilled music and popping one of these over my eyes to chill me out and get me ready for bed. I love how they self-heat; it’s just such a lovely feeling and I couldn’t not include them in this roundup!

What are your favourite sheet masks? Do you love any that I’ve not mentioned?

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  1. August 5, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    I love me some Sephora sheet masks! Will check out the others for sure!
    xo Leros | AboutEos